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Sharia castrates Muslim men

A lack of confidence and self worth destroys a Man's value

I believe the biggest problem with Muslim men is their complete lack of self confidence and self worth. It’s probably difficult to look tough when wearing a dress even if you are carrying a gun. One look in the mirror and there’s a badly dressed angry transvestite with a bushy face looking back. It’s all about self image and confidence.

Yes I know, there are a ‘tiny mimority' of confident Muslim men but they grew up in the West and were challenged and judged for things other than Islam. They also had better role models. They weren’t Sharia raised. So as I write this, I’m not including any of them. This is about their brothers who weren’t taught the value of honor, self worth or confidence.

It’s a fact. Sharia raised men lack self esteem; confidence, honor and value. It’s the root cause of what we see in Islam today. And all that cousin marrying doesn’t help, really screws up the gene pool. But how can you find the right woman if you’re forbidden to see or talk to one? You end up marrying a cousin.

Sharia raised men are taught to be intolerant, paranoid, insecure, violent, easily upset, overly sensitive and emotional, helpless victims with no self control and all this has been passed down for hundreds of generations. The end result, Sharia castrates men, removing his confidence and his manhood.

It starts when they’re kids. Most boys look up to their dads as role models, but when dad has 3 other families a young boy can get lost in the mix. Who’s yo mamma??

Sharia raised men believe that women are sex starved and dangerous and can cause any man to lift his dress, fall to the floor with an erection and end up in prison for flashing his most attractive part.

And if you do get married, don’t be surprised if she cheats. You bought her body part not her heart. A Sharia Nikah marriage has nothing to do with love and if his penis doesn’t work, she is granted an immediate divorce and she gets to keep the money he paid for her 'fun' part.

Sharia doesn’t allow you to trust your wife. She can’t leave the house alone. She’s dangerous and must have at least one male relative with her to make sure she doesn’t cheat. And even then, unless he can produce 3 other pious male Muslim witnesses who all actually saw his wife being penetrated, he can’t even prove she cheated.

A Sharia raised man knows a Muslim woman won’t care if he takes on other wives, so long as he pays the bills she’s fine with having him gone.

Sharia may even allow her to steal from her husband or any of his family members without punishment, if she is caught.

It’s hard for Sharia raised men to trust their wives. This is probably why Sharia allows a husband to beat a wife - if he fears she’s going to scare him. A man needs to feel confident that his wife loves him, and not see him as paycheck with a working penis.

Sharia is all about fear, not fear of the afterlife, fear of this life. Fear of your wife, fear of the religious police, fear of Jinn in toilets.
In some Muslim countries high water pants are the law, and if you’re a man, you better show off that ankle!

Sharia raised men believe they are disliked by all Non Muslims, that they are not to be trusted and- they are to lie to them if necessary.
In other words, treat them like wives.

Sharia raised men are forced to fight anyone who insults Islam/Sharia,and to show no compassion in dealing with them. Men without compassion have cold hearts.

Here’s the other side.

The West is full of confident men and it only took a few generations. Yes, there are a ‘tiny minority’ who share the same emotional issues as the majority of Sharia raised men, but Western men decided we should have have jail cells for them.

Western men are leaders in creating confident and productive people. They raise their boys to have integrity to be tolerant of others and to value education and serve others, and to keep their hands to themselves. And Western men don’t raise their sons as helpless victims.

Western men had enough confidence in their women to support their points of view and they take pride in their daughter’s success, not her hymen. Producing intelligent progressive and confident people creates progressive and successful countries and that seems to be working out so well, that Muslims prefer to live in the West.

Having confidence and self worth improves everything in life; it’s why we help others. We want a nation of confident people so we support them when we find them, and get a nice buzz watching them reach the stars, and that translates into even more happy and productive people and the worlds largest and most generous charities. You can’t do any of that if you’re scared.
Confidence is real power.

How to fix it

Technology. More satellite TV’s, more cell phones with video, digital cameras, youtube, the internet, chat rooms, and music. Teenagers can’t live without technology. They have a need to feel connected with others and that gives them a chance to boost their confidence. This is how change will happen. We just have to wait another 10 years for them to grow up and the men in dresses die. Sharia will die with them.

When you know better you do better. Maya Angelou.
I have faith.

Agree? Disagree?

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