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Interesting news stories from Saudi Arabia

Be sure it’s your wife or….

Scores of women joined her and the man, still under shock, leaned against the wall just to receive the blows and curses.

A Saudi man who wanted to joke with his wife in a crowded shopping mall got the shock of his life when she reacted with a big slap on the face. For the woman who he tapped on the back was not his wife.

But the woman did not stop there. She started to swear, lunged at him with more slaps and fists and yelled to other women in the mall to help her, the Saudi Arabic language daily Kabar reported on Wednesday.

Scores of women joined her and the man, still under shock, leaned against the wall just to receive the blows and curses.

The unidentified husband was looking for his wife in the mall in the Saudi capital Riyadh when he noticed one that has similar features from behind.

“He approached her, tapped her back and said ‘you still haven’t found the dress you want’….when she turned to face him, she was not his wife,” Kabar said.

“After he sobered up from the shock and the women calmed down, he phoned his wife, who rushed and told them that there was a mistake and that her husband is not that kind of a man….that woman then told him ‘well if you want to joke with your wife, do it at home not in the market.”

A Doctor needs a Doctor after he....

A doctor in Saudi Arabia was rewarded with a strong slap on his face by a Saudi husband who was infuriated when he saw the doctor touch his sick wife, the Arabic language daily Al Jazira reported Wednesday.

The doctor at Tawal Hospital in the Red Sea town of Jazan told police that he led the patient into the examination room and asked about her ailment.“She pointed to her waist…..when I put my hand on her waist to examine the woman, her husband rushed into the room and gave me a strong slap on my cheek,” the unidentified doctor told the newspaper.

“I ran away and complained to the hospital manager…while I was talking to him, the husband came rushing again and gave me another slap.”The paper said police remanded the man in custody and were investigating the incident.

He wore a dress and....

A Saudi man is to get 60 lashes with the whip after he was caught wearing a woman's dress while heading to attend a party, a local daily reported on Thursday.

The man, in his 20s, was seized by a security man who suspected him as he walked near a farm in the eastern town of Qateef, 'Alriyadh' daily said.

When he stopped the presumed woman, the guard was surprised to see that he was a man in a female gown and with make up on his face.

The court sentenced the man to five months in prison and 60 lashes for “imitating women", the Arabic language paper said

Man divorces wife for waking him up

A Saudi husband divorced his wife because she tried to wake him to go to work in the morning, the local daily Ajel reported on Sunday.

It was the third time that the 23-year-old man, who was not named, divorced his wife for the same reason in the first time and because of his noisy children in the second case, the paper said without mentioning where he lives.

“In the third case, his wife kept shaking him to wake him up so he will go to work in the morning…he got mad and divorced her instantly,” the paper said.

“When he was out of his madness fit, he regretted his act and went to her family’s house to restore her but they refused…he tried again and again but he was told that he would never see her again.”

Under Islam, husbands can divorce their wives by just saying the divorce words three times. Women can not do the same.

And my favorite

Lawyer wants jinn to testify in court

Says court should summon genie in corrupt judge case.

A Saudi defence lawyer has asked court to summon a jinn (genie) claimed to have possessed a judge who has been arrested on corruption charges, the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz reported on Saturday.

The lawyer, Salim bin Atteyya, told court that the jinn must be present in court to testify in the case of the corrupt judge in Madina, Islam’s second holiest shrine after Makkah, the newspaper said.

“The case of the corrupt judge in Madina has taken a new turn and witnessed new developments as the lawyer of an absent defendant has asked court to summon the jinn to testify,” the paper said.

“If what the accused judge said about the jinn, then this jinn could be bad and blasphemous…this jinn could have been sent by a bad sorcerer because witchcraft is bad and non-Islamic.”

Okaz quoted the lawyer as saying he had made that demand on the grounds any sentence must not be based on “jinn’s allegations”, presented by an exorcist.

“This Raqi ( Koran reciter and exorcist) has not presented any real evidence that the accused judge has been possessed by jinn,” the lawyer said.

In a report on the case early this week, Okaz said the accused judge told court he was under a magic spell by jinn when he was involved in such practices.

The paper said the court summoned Fayez Al-Kathami, a well-known cleric and Raqi who is believed to have the powers of speaking to jinn.

It said the court summoned Kathami after the arrested judge said he was possessed by jinn through another defendant, who is a sorcerer.

Kathami told the judge later that he managed to "question" the jinn that had possessed the judge and would present a report to the court.

"The judge also asked me to question the jinn about all the offences committed by the accused judge and other defendant who is at large," Kathami said.

"The jinn told me all I want through the accused judge...I have written all what the jinn said about the judge's life and the other defendant....I will write a full report and present it to the court, proving this judge has been under a spell."

According to Okaz, the corrupt judge had told investigators that the other defendant had "taken control of his thoughts and made him rule on cases without being conscious of committing any illegal act."

It was a busy October for some Saudi's..and yes, these are all true stories.
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