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Dancing in the streets of Saudi Arabia..not a good idea

A group of Saudi teenagers got out of their car and started to dance in front of a key shopping mall in the conservative Gulf Kingdom a bid to impress female visitors. But instead of receiving applause, they got a smack.

With their heads wrapped by the traditional Saudi headgear, the boys triggered angry reactions from male shoppers, who attacked them and sparked a big fight before the eyes of the female onlookers, Kabar newspaper said on Tuesday.

The paper coupled its story with a video tape of the incident, showing the dancers were involved in the night fight in front of the mall in Riyadh.

“It was a big fight but in the end, these young men got a smack from the male shoppers amidst screams by the women,” it said

But fighting in a dress is not very lady-like.

In other news...

Kuwaiti policewomen outperform male counterparts

When you see women fighting, you’d better to stay away.

That was what Kuwaiti police said when an Iranian woman filed a complaint that a restaurant manager molested her while trying to end a female scuffle at his restaurant.

The unnamed woman said the manager surrounded her from the back and caught her body before starting to touch “sensitive parts” during her fight with another woman in the restaurant in Kuwait City, Alanba daily said on Tuesday.
But the manager, who was charged with molesting the Iranian lady, defended his act, saying he would not even think about it “in front of more than 20 women”.

The paper quoted the manager, whom it did not identify, as saying he intervened in the scuffle for the “customers’ safety and the restaurant’s reputation”.

“The Iranian woman’s complaint is a message to all men to stay away from female fights as this will push them into trouble,”

I feel a fatwa coming...
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