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Fridays Freaky Fatwa--Don't brag about being a pervert

A Muslim asks a scholar

My question is about hijab. Women here are forbidden to wear hijab and they are treated badly in addition to the fact that they are not allowed to enter their workplaces or other places.

What is the solution, especially since we have to meet our own needs and especially at work?

And the scholar replies
Praise be to Allaah.
It is not permissible for a woman to be careless about this obligation or to go out of her house with any part of her body uncovered.

The Muslims have to cooperate with regard to this matter and ensure that Muslim women are independent of means so that they are not compelled to go out in ways that involve sin. That may be achieved by calling on fathers and relatives to spend generously on them and to provide some useful work that women can do in their homes, so that they will have no need to go out for any reason that may lead to them taking off their hijab and exposing them to harm because of wearing it.

This depends on convincing the men that hijab is obligatory, because many of them do not care about that, and some of them are keen for their wives and daughters to go out and work, and some of them will not agree to marry a woman who does not work, even if her work means that she has to take off the hijab. This ignorance and shortcoming on the part of the men is one of the greatest causes of this problem, and one of the reasons why the matter is not being resolved.

We should strive to spread this knowledge, remind people of it and train them to follow it, so that every man will be keen to protect his family and dependents, and will realize that he will be questioned tomorrow about this trust – did he take care of it or not?

In fact, Muslims are individually obliged to strive to remove this evil, and to adopt all the necessary means of achieving that, through organizations and associations etc., so as to relieve their women of hardship and enable every Muslim woman to wear her hijab. They should not despair and give up on doing this duty. How many rights have been restored to people by means of patience, effort and striving,

If a woman is in dire straits and cannot find any alternative to going out to work because she has no one to support her, and she is also forced to take off the hijab, then if she is able to migrate to a land where she will be able to practise her religion openly and obey the commands of her Lord, she is obliged to do so.

Ibn al-‘Arabi said: Migration from kaafir lands to Muslim lands is obligatory.
And from a land where innovation is widespread. Imam Maalik said: It is not permissible for anyone to settle in a land in which the salaf are reviled. (salaf is an Arabic word for sunni’s to live the life of a 7th century ‘new Muslim’.)
And from a land in which haraam things are prevalent, for seeking halaal is an obligation for every Muslim. But not everyone may be able to migrate, and it cannot be regarded as a solution for all Muslim women.

If a women really needs to go out of her house to work or do some errands etc, and the matter is limited to uncovering the face only, then we hope that there is nothing wrong with her doing that.

But we must strive to solve this problem completely, as stated above, by advising those who are in positions of responsibility and asking them for this religious and personal right. The daa’iyahs who call people to Allaah and the scholars have to explain to the people that hijab is an obligation that Allaah has enjoined upon the Muslim women.

It is very strange that we see this intense war against hijab, the symbol of chastity and purity, and at the same time we see that the door is wide open for immoral and promiscuous women.
Be patient, O believing women, for the reward of Allaah is precious and there will come a day in which the religion of Allaah will prevail over all other religions.

9:33 “It is He Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, to make it superior over all religions even though the polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah hate it”

We ask Allaah to guide this ummah (community) so that people of obedience will be honoured and people of disobedience will be humiliated, and to help you and all the Muslim women to adhere to hijab and give up wanton display and unveiling.

And Allaah knows best

Hmmmm….well, if Allah knows best why follow Hadith?

This has become one of the most controversial issues for Muslims in nearly every Non Muslim country. Lawsuits, protests, murder and chaos is seen when a Non Muslim country restricts or bans the burqa or the Hijab. Muslims insist that Allah commands women to cover from head to toe. No one seems to challenge them, so I’m going to quote the exact words used in the Quran (transliteration).

These are the exact words;



How did that get confused with women covering their hair? Muslim women no longer use their veils to cover their bosoms; they use it to cover their hair. That would be fine if their bosoms grew on their head.

I can understand why Muslim women living in the lands of peace and tolerance must cover from head to toe. Sharia raised men actually think a woman’s hair are part of her ‘awrah’ an Arabic word for genitals.

But why do Muslim women need to cover if they live in the west? Western men know that hair on the head or the chin can’t have an orgasm; they learn that in sex Ed class.

The Quran tells you not to dress in a way that draws attention. Seriously, you’re scaring the crap out of kids as well as insulting all western men who, btw, allow you so many more freedoms than the fake scholars who say hair is a genital.

Ibn ‘Abbaas said: “Allah commanded the believing women, if they go out of their houses for some need, to cover their faces from the top of their heads and to leave one eye showing. The comment “and leave one eye showing” is a concession because of the need to see the way; if there is no need for that then the eye should not be uncovered.”
Ibn Abbaas is an ass. The Quran does not say that at all, it comes from bad Hadith

7.51 Who take their religion for an idle sport and a play and this life's world deceives them; so today We forsake them, as they neglected the meeting of this day of theirs and as they denied Our communications.
Those who follow Sharia use Islam as an idle sport—a game where no one wins.

31: 6: But, there are among men those who patronize ridiculous Hadith without knowledge thereby misleading men from the Path of Allah and throwing a butt of mockery on the Path: for such there will be a humiliating Penalty."
Believers! You are to fight those who believe not in Allah alone, who forbid what Allah has not, who follow ridiculous Hadith, fight them until they feel subdued…and tax the hell out of them.
1400 years ago Allah looked down upon the lands now known as Saudi Arabia and said of the people, ‘they were the worst of the worst’ (9:97) and in desperate need of a message. But Allah knew an Arab will only believe another Arab and if the message wasn’t delivered in Arabic, the Arabs wouldn’t have believed it, (41.3) and it had to be simple, so the Arabs could easily understand it. (26;198).

My fatwa for this week; Do not act like a perverted 7th century Arab.
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