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Fridays Freaky Fatwa--Jesus and the scholars

A Muslim asks a scholar
I have a few question about the one who was crucified instead of Isa/Jesus (peace be upon him) I have seen in one place saying that the one who betrayed Isa (PBUH) was made to look like Isa and was crucified and I have seen in another place saying that one Isa’s companions volunteered to be crucified instead of Isa. I am confused, can you tell me which one is true?

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allaah.

The Quran states that ‘Jesus was not crucified or killed, and that he was lifted up to heaven.

There is no text of the Revelation that tells us the details of what happened on the day when that was made to appear to the Jews, but there is a report from Ibn ‘Abbas that the Messiah said to those of his companions who were with him in the house: “Which of you will be made to look like me and be killed in my stead, and he will be with me in the same level as me (in Paradise)?”

A young man who was one of the youngest of them stood up, and he said to him: “Sit down.” Then he repeated it and that young man stood up again, and he said: “Sit down.” Then he repeated it again and that young man stood up and said, “I will do it.”

He said: “You are the one.” So he was caused to look like ‘Jesus and ‘Jesus was lifted up from a window in the house to heaven.
Ibn Katheer (may Allah hope that I give him fruit) said in his Tafseer (opinion) commenting on this report:

This is a saheeh (authentic) isnaad (chain) going back to Ibn ‘Abbas. Similarly it was narrated from more than one that he said to them: “Which of you will be made to look like me and be killed in my stead, and he will be my companion in Paradise?”

Ibn Jareer favoured the view that all of his companions were made to look like ‘Jesus.

This was mentioned in a report narrated from Wahb ibn Munabbih (never met Muhammad, but his dad did) which was narrated by Ibn Jareer (who never met Muhammad as he had died a couple of hundred years earlier) and quoted by Ibn Katheer (born in the 1300’s) , in which it states that when they surrounded ‘Jesus and his companions and entered upon them, “Allah made them all appear in the form of ‘Jesus and they said to them, ‘You have bewitched us; send forth to us ‘Jesus or we will kill you all,’ until they sent forth one of their number after ‘Jesus promised Paradise to him, and they took him and crucified him.”

He also said: Some of the Christians claim that Judas Iscariot – who is the one who led the Jews to ‘Jesus – is the one who was made to look like ‘Jesus so they crucified him, and he said: I am not the one you want, I am the one who led you to him.

With that, Ibn Katheer concluded his discussion of this topic: if we needed to know that, our Prophet would have told us. Allah knows best what really happened.

But Ibn Katheer said after that: This is a very strange story.

A Muslim asks a scholar

How can we reconcile between the two aayahs (interpretation of the meaning):

“Those Messengers! We preferred some of them to others Quran 2:253

and :

“We make no distinction between any of them Quran 2:136?

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allaah.

The aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“Those Messengers! We preferred some of them to others

2:253 Those apostles We endowed with gifts, some above others: To one of them Allah spoke; others He raised to degrees of honour to Jesus the son of Mary. We gave clear Signs, and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit.

If Allah had so willed, succeeding generations would not have fought among each other, after clear Signs had come to them, but they chose to wrangle, some believing and others rejecting.

If Allah had so willed, they would not have fought each other; but Allah Fulfilleth His plan.

is like the aayah: “And indeed, We have preferred some of the Prophets above others”

17:55 (Y. Ali) And it is your Lord that knoweth best all beings that are in the heavens and on earth. We did bestow on some prophets more and other gifts than on others. And We gave to David (the gift of) the divine book

There is no doubt that some of the Prophets and Messengers are superior to others; the Messengers are superior to the Prophets, and the “Messengers of strong will” (46:35) are superior to all the others.

46:35 Then have patience even as the stout of heart among the messengers of old had patience, and seek not to hasten on the doom for them (pagans). On the day when they see that which they are promised it will seem to them as though they had tarried but an hour of daylight. A clear message. Shall any be destroyed save evil living folk?

33:7 “Allaah has ordained for you the same religion which He ordained for Noah, and that which We have revealed to you, and that which We ordained for Abraham, Moses‎ and Jesus”

2:136 “Each one believes in Allah, His Angels, His Books, and His Messengers. ‘We make no distinction between one another of His Messengers’”

What this means is: we make no distinction between them in terms of belief, we believe that they are all truly Messengers from Allah, and that they did not tell lies, so they all spoke the truth. This is the meaning of the phrase “We make no distinction between one another of His Messengers” in terms of belief: we believe that they were all truly Messengers from Allah.

After this the scholars started telling lies with their own interpretation of what these ayat’s say, so I deleted the rest. I suggest you delete their opinions also as they only serve to cause mischief.
10:40 Of them there are some who believe therein, and some who do not: and thy Lord knoweth best those who are out for mischief

13:25 But those who break the Covenant of Allah, after having plighted their word thereto, and cut asunder those things which Allah has commanded to be joined, and work mischief in the land;- on them is the curse; for them is the terrible home!

And some really bad fruit
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