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100 Reasons why Sharia would not work in America. Sharia fear? Let’s get real.

A few days ago I posted an informal opinion poll on Face Book. I asked all of my 'Friends' to read the following and then post their thoughts.

The answers were very encouraging. It would be good to pass this on as a reminder of what's true.

100 Reasons why Sharia would not work in America. Sharia fear? Let’s get real.

Thanks to the internet, camera phones and videos we have all seen the horrors of Sharia. We know that Sharia law produces poverty, lack of education and poor social skills. We know Sharia is why Muslims leave their homes and their countries.

Being an ancient tree from hell, I don’t have much to fear and while there are many things in life for humans to be afraid of, the fear of America falling to Sharia is not one of them.

Don’t buy into the blogs and reports that tell you what life is going to be like for non Muslims under Sharia. Most of those blogs and reports sensationalize and profit off of your fear. In fact, what they are really doing is their own version of Sharia; they play into your fear.

And Hells bells, none of them even know enough about Sharia to give you useful information. How many quote the Sharia law that forbids them to live here? It’s backed up by the Quran, scholars and fatwa’s. So why don’t the fear players tell you that?

I want everyone to list one reason why you believe Sharia would never work in the USA.

Put this on your wall and see what your friends say. And if you do that, come back in 3 days and post your link. I think it would be really interesting to see all the reasons why Sharia will never work in the USA. I’ll use the information for a blog.

I’ll start if off.

1- The USA would never cave to Sharia because….if men were allowed 4 wives, there would be a lot of dead husbands.

Your turn

The plan was to put all the responses on this blog, but as of today there are over 200 comments. It would be easier to give you the link. I have an open page so you don't have to 'friend' me to read the responses or post your own.

No doubt, there are some people who are very afraid that America could or would cave to Sharia. But I do believe that those few who are scared can be carried by the majaority who are not scared, who are firm in the commitment to freedom.

Az Zaqqum
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