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Saudi News. The maid, the divorce, a butt tap and the risk of masturbation

Maid feeds Saudi family 'soiled' food for loveBy Staff Published Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Indonesian housemaid was caught mixing her urine with the food she was cooking for her employers in the belief this would make them love her, the Saudi online Arabic language paper Ajel reported on Sunday.

The Saudi employer saw the maid adding urine to the food she cooked for the family in the central town of Buraida and informed members of the feared Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, it said.

“She admitted that she had been adding urine to the family’s food because she believes this is a sort of magic that will make them love her and prevent them from hurting her,” the paper said.

Think that's odd?  Keep reading.

Maid fouls drinking water wanting 'love' of employers.   Added dirt as ‘magic potion’ so make them love herBy Staff Published Sunday, December 05, 2010

An Asian housemaid who was caught fouling the drinking water for her employers in Saudi Arabia told police she did so to make them love her, a Saudi newspaper reported on Sunday.

The 32-year-old maid was caught by her employer as she was adding dirt to the water tank at the house in the eastern town of Tarut, the paper said.

“He took her to the police and she told them that she had done so because this will make the family love her and also make them love each other more…she said this is practiced in her country,” the paper said without indentify the maid.

It quoted police spokesman Lt Colonel Ziad Al Ruqaiti as saying housemaids should be continuously watched by their employers as some of them “indulge in witchcraft and other illegal practices.

So you're saying...holy hadith!  Why are these maids so paranoid?

Asian maid ends life with acid and stabbingBy StaffPublished Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Asian housemaid in Saudi Arabia drank acid and stabbed herself many times to end her life apparently because she could not leave the Kingdom, the Saudi Arabic language Alwatan daily reported on Thursday.

The unidentified maid was taken by ambulance to hospital in the eastern town of Khobar in a critical condition but died later, the paper said.
Her employer told police she had spoken to her family at her home country in the previous night to tell them she wanted to return home.

“It was a clear suicide case as she drank a large quantity of acid…we are still investigating the case,” police spokesman Lt Colonel Ziad Rakeeti said.

Tortured maid awaits dental operation
By Staff Published Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Indonesian housemaid who was hospitalized in Saudi Arabia last month after she was severely tortured by her female employer is still in hospital awaiting a dental operation, the last of a series of surgeries she had undergone.

“Mustapa has undergone all necessary surgeries at hospital and is now waiting for a dental operation to repair her broken teeth,” the paper said.

The paper said the 53-year-old housewife who had tortured her maid is still in prison awaiting trial but added she has not been able to name any lawyer.

Mustapa was moved out of the intensive care unit at King Fahd General Hospital in the central town of Madina late last month after undergoing a head surgery because of a severe damage to her scalp. She later had a plastic surgery to fix her damaged face and skin.

Saudi newspapers had quoted the maid as saying her employer, a widow, told her she wanted to cure her from a mental illness when she used a hot iron on her, causing severe injuries to her head and body.

Doctors said the maid had suffered from burns on her body, cuts in her scalp and upper lip, a fractured pelvis and many wounds.

According to Saudi media, the widow confessed to the crime after her son told police during interrogation that his mother tortured the maid.

The unnamed widow has remained in detention pending trial and a local human rights group has said it would demand severe punishment of the employer.

The incident has caused public and official furor inside Saudi Arabia and in Indonesia, where there have been demands to stop sending maids to the Gulf country. More than 600,000 Indonesian housemaids work in Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter which controls a quarter of the global crude wealth.

In other news...

Saudi wife gets divorce instead of salary.  Plea for wages to keep pace with rising household expenses turns sourBy Staff Published Monday, September 20, 2010

A Saudi woman could not stop moaning on her husband to give her a monthly wage because of rising household expenses. In the end, he gave up and handed her a letter which did not contain a wage but divorce.

The unidentified wife in the central town of Madina insisted on getting more money from her husband but he refused, Sharq newspaper said on Monday.

“She then set a monthly salary of SR2,000 (Dh1,950) but her husband again refused, saying there was no justification for the increase,” it said.

“She then asked for a divorce from her husband, who quickly agreed to her request to end nearly 11 years of marriage.”
Brilliant idea on her part.

Man divorces wife through loudspeaker

By StaffPublished Monday, October 11, 2010

A Saudi man used a loudspeaker in a crowded shopping mall in the Gulf Kingdom to divorce his wife after he saw her accept advances by a young man, the Saudi Arabic language daily Shams reported on Monday.

The husband was watching his wife from a distance inside the busy mall in the central town of Madina when he saw a young man approaching her and slipping a piece of paper in her hand, the daily said.

“He saw his wife putting the paper inside her bag….when she left the mall and got into the car, he looked into the bag and found that paper…he then asked her to get back with him to the mall,” Shams said.

“He went straight to the loudspeaker room and shouted the divorce words at his wife…when she heard them, she collapsed and started to cry.”
They were tears of joy.  And the peice of paper?  It was a reciept for the bra he just sold her...after guessing her correct bra size.

3 months to cool off for touching woman's buttBy Eman Al BaikPublished Monday, October 11, 2010

The Dubai Criminal Court awarded an Egyptian who molested a Syrian housewife in Ibn Battuta Mall to three months in jail followed by deportation.

“He touched my butt… made a dirty touch … turned and looked at me and smiled,” a 25-year-old, Syrian housewife told the prosecution.

The court charged MTA, 25, Egytian, assistant carpenter of indecent assault under duress who touched the woman’s butt while walking in the mall.

“I left the shop and went to the hypermarket and while I was pushing the shopping trolley I was stunned as a man touched my butt... walked fast and then turned his face and smiled to me and left quickly. He was the same man who entered the watch shop,” she said.

The accused has blamed the devil for what he has done and admitted guilt and asked for the woman’s forgiveness saying it was the first time he committed such a mistake in his life, the policeman testified.

Similarly testified Ahmad Saleh, 30, policeman, saying that the accused confessed to attempting to draw the attention of the woman he admired. But as all his attempt went in vain, and when stepping close to the exit of the shopping mall he deliberately touched her butt because she did not give him attention.

However, the accused denied the accusation before the court and claimed “it is a made up story by the woman and that what she claims is out of her imagination… and she did that because of a lack of sexual harmony with her husband and her.”

The court found him guilty and sentenced him the jail term and ordered his deportation after finishing imprisonment

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