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Selective Arabic words

Man divorces wife by SMS
By Staff Published Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Saudi court decided to separate a national couple after the husband sent a SMS to his wife mobile phone telling her that she is divorced, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Saturday.

The woman from the western town of Madina asked court to officially endorse her divorce and supported its complaint with the SMS from her husband, the online Arabic language daily Anakum said.

“The husband told the judge he sent the message after an argument with his wife but that he did not mean to divorce her,” the paper said.

“But the judge considered the SMS as a real divorce under Islam and decided to support the wife’s plea for divorce.”
Under Islam?  There is nothing in their version of Islam that allows them to use Non Sharia technology.  In fact, under their Sharia they are not to imitate the so called unbelievers in anything.  Challenge.
As to the newly divorced female, I have one word....lol.

English language set to dominate Gulf: scholar says
By Staff Published Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gulf countries will turn to English as their dominant language within the next seven years because the bulk of them do not speak Arabic, a Saudi university professor was reported on Tuesday as saying.

Dr Marzouk bin Tanbak made the remark during a lecture about the Arabic language at the Islamic University in the western town of Madina on Monday night, according to newspapers in the Gulf Kingdom.

“Within the next seven years, the Gulf countries will shift to English as the main language of communication among people because nearly 80 per cent of their people no longer speak Arabic,” he said.

“During this period, I expect the Gulf region to plunge further into a mixture of languages…its people of diverse nationalities, cultures and ethnic origins will have no choice but to turn to a medium language for communication among them…I think this language is English.”

I think having a common language could be very useful, especially if they take it all the way and call Allah by the English name of God, dump the word Muslim and use the English words, believers in one God and translate the word Islam to submitter of one God. That would reduce so many problems. The believers in one God have already conquered most of the world. They include Christians, Jews, Mormons, Coptic’s, Baha’i, and a host of other names. There is no need to fight as there is agreement that there is only one God. Does it really matter who the prophet was if the message is the same? Charity, prayer, good deeds. Aren’t they better goals than fighting over dead prophets?

If you are a true believer in one God then you should already know, It’s about the message.

But learning English will not make a nutcase sane. It just means the nutcase will be insane in 2 languages.

On the other hand, maybe it would make it easier to pick out the nuts. The ones that insist on using selective Arabic words, especially if Arabic isn’t their native language, is a nut that should be watched.

Prayer is different. Right now the old school law is that the Quran and prayers must be said in Arabic. There was a time when Catholics could only listen to a service in Latin. Things can change. The Quran does not say it must be said or read in Arabic, as that would be silly. Allah knew that Arabic would not be the dominant language. I’m sure that soon it will all be in Spanish.

Al Qaeda reaches out armed with English and Net
By AFP Published Monday, October 18, 2010

Al-Qaeda has combined the global reach of both the English language and the Internet as cyber-terrorism tools to win over non-Arab sympathisers.

Al-Qaeda's Yemen-based wing released the first edition of an online English-language magazine, Inspire, four months ago that included an article on how to build a bomb.

A second, 74-page edition made it to the World Wide Web last week instructing Muslims in Western countries on how to weld deadly steel blades onto SUV vehicles and then plough into civilian crowds.

With Inspire, edited by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the group hopes to recruit young Westerners to the jihadi cause and to apparently encourage random attacks.

"This is by no doubt a new experiment" as it "is the first time Al-Qaeda issues an English-language publication," a Paris-based expert on Middle East Islamist groups, Dominique Thomas, told AFP.

"These messages target Muslim communities living" outside the Arab world, Thomas said.

Philip Seib, a professor at the University of Southern California and co-author of "Global Terrorism and New Media," believes the terror network has itself become a media organisation.

"It might be time to stop thinking of Al-Qaeda as the terrorist organisation that does media and more as the media organisation that does terror," Seib said
Brilliant observation!

Awlaqi, a 39-year-old American cleric of Yemeni origin, has been linked to US army Major Nidal Hasan who shot dead 13 people in Texas and to a Nigerian student accused of trying to blow up a US airliner on December 25.

Fluent in English, Awlaqi is bent on radicalising fellow US and Western citizens and publicly urged American Muslims to follow the example of Hasan in a video message last May.

US President Barack Obama's administration has authorised his targeted killing

Fear is their main weapon. I also read they wanted to taint our food. But a handful of nuts can’t kill off 300,000 million Americans.

Scaring millions into hating all Muslims, in hopes that the Muslims will see that the terrorists are correct that all Americans/Brits, ect. hate all Muslims, is part of their plan. Paralyzed with fear, going further into debt to act on what caused the fear, and, find the nut before the nut blows up as you’re standing next to him. It’s like the game, Where’s Waldo, with a twist, so many places to hide.

The more they fail in these tactics, the less new recruits they’ll get.

The upside to all this is, there are more believers in ONE GOD than there are insane nut jobs who want to cause harm. This means all the believers in one God have the responsibility to take of their nuts. So be like a squirrel and start collecting them.

And check it, if you’re Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Amish, Catholic, Baptist or Bahia, Sunni, Coptic, Gnostic, Shia, Sufi, Sikh, Lutheran, Sabean or Zoroastrian, you are a believer in one God. You don’t even have to belong to any religion to believe in one God. You can keep it a secret, it doesn’t matter. It’s the belief in one God that matters, the rest is just extra.

And to the believers in one God, your books do have violence. If you don’t believe it it’s because you haven’t read it.

And the believers in one God, your books tell you not to lie, hate or kill. If you don’t believe it, it’s because you haven’t read it.

I think everyone would agree, the texts were meant to be used logically.

Pagans, idolaters and heathens, for once you’re not to blame

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