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Fridays Freaky Fatwa--WE the PEOPLE

A Muslim asks a scholar

What is the ruling on saying that rule belongs to the people or that wealth belongs to the people?

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allah.
These words are a fabrication and those who fabricated them are liars in their claim. They do not implement that themselves by surrendering their opinion to the opinion of the people, not even in a single case. This is a deceitful slogan aimed at cheating the people who seek relief from one oppressive regime, only to be cheated by a second oppressive regime.
Translation…don’t trust your leaders or the imams if they believe this crap.

In fact, people should be protected and respected; they should enjoy justice and sanctity in every sense of the word.
The people seem to need protection and respect from their current leaders.

They should not be driven like cattle. But it is not permissible to accept these slogans as is. Rule belongs to Allah and the masses must be directed in the light of His Revelation and ruled according to sharia. Allah says:
5:50 “Do they then seek the judgement of Ignorance? And who is better in judgement than Allah for a people who have firm Faith”
In God we trust but we still want the vote

6:57 “The decision is only for Allah”
Tell that to the leaders of Pakistan, Bahrain, Afghansitan, Libya, Iran, KSA, Egypt. Btw, that aya has nothing to do with voting ----or term limits.

We should not say, “the rule is for the people,” because those who lead the people according to their own whims and desires are those with materialistic ideologies or idolatrous principles that go against what Allah has revealed, and impose their own authority by force under these devious, fabricated slogans.
That is not what the Quran says! The rule IS for the people! Which is why the vote is so important…and term limits! Must have term limits!

Similarly, the “wealth of God” must be spent on the general interests of the believers in one God (Muslims), to protect the believers in one God’s borders (God has borders??) and defend the believers in Gods causes in the east and in the west, above all; to call people to God; to strive to defeat the oppressors and those who transgress against some of the believers in one God.
The oppressors? Like in Iran, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan? These leaders are the oppressing and must be voted out for the good of the people. For good believers, the will of God IS the will of the people.  God has given you everything you need to be successful...including ideas, bravery and opportunity.

Priority must be given to spending it on areas where need is greatest. It is not permissible for selfish people to take it for themselves, or to spend it on extravagance and immorality, let alone spending it on corrupt and evil things.
We see that these leaders are living well while their people live in poverty. This is wrong and has not helped your countries.  But they continue....

It is not permissible at all to call it “the wealth of the people” because if we accept this, then they will justify doing that, and they will squander a large part of it on preserving their own hold on power, spying and buying people off. Moreover, people vary in how strong or weak they are, how rich or poor, how ignorant or righteous, how resilient or otherwise.
These words are to keep you uneducated and living in poverty. The people are poor, their leaders are corrupt. Is this what the Quran commands? Then again, these scholars are hoping you haven’t read the Quran..or my book.

So how can wealth belong to one who has no need of it because he is wealthy, powerful, knowledgeable or skilled, or to one who should be deprived of it because of his corruption and evil.
That’s the point. Religious leaders have let you down, they have lied and they have used oppression, ignorance and fear to keep you in line. The wealth and the land belong to the people not someone’s twisted idea of God and religion.
They then ask.. 

10:32 “So after the truth, what else can there be, save error?
Are Muslim women envied? Do Muslim countries have the best schools for sciences, medicine, research? Have they served you well?
So after the truth what else can there be, except error? Time to change.  Religion is for God, a good government serves the people.

By Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rahmaan al-Doosari.
It is not permissible to say that wealth is the wealth of the people, because that means that the people have the right to dispose of it however they wish.
Yeah, and?
That’s the point! The leaders are not looking after their people. They oppress them and limit education, their newspapers, their religion and their God given rights! Wake up!

But in fact, wealth is the wealth of Allah, and all people must spend it in the ways enjoined by Allah and His Messenger.
The messenger is dead. But when he was alive he had no interest in becoming a king spending lavishly on himself.  Don’t compare these leaders with Muhammad. They are not prophets and they are not dead. But they are taking advantage of your fears and lack of education.  God is all about knowledge!

Rock the vote!

A Muslim asks a scholar

Is the permission of the ruler necessary for jihad for the sake of Allah?

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allaah.
Jihad may be an individual obligation if the enemy attacks of the believers in one God, and in that case fighting them becomes an obligation, and the permission of the ruler is not required in that case.
In other words….Game on! A ruler can be an enemy of the people.

As for jihad that is aimed at conquest and calling those who do not submit to one god (Islam), and fighting those who refuse to submit to the rule of Allah, the permission of the ruler is essential in this case, thus things will be controlled.
That scholar is telling you that all rulers are led by God. Does anyone reading this really believe that?

Ibn Qudaamah said:
The matter of jihad is in the hands of the ruler and his, and the people must obey him in whatever he sees fit with regard to that. End quote.
Open Quote.  Nice mind control going on here. But hey, Ibn is dead. Plus, obeying a stupid leader makes you stupid. You got a brain, use it. What makes a country great? Prayer and a good plan.  Get all your smart people together.

The scholars of the Standing Committee said: we’re tired of standing whilst we make up stupid answers…kidding, I said that. The said..

Jihad to make the word of God supreme and to protect the religion of submitting to one God and make it possible to convey it and spread it and protect its sanctity is an obligation on everyone who is able to do that.
Well, there really aren’t too many countries who do not have believers in one god so…sit down and shut up and knit a sweater. The theory of one God is not new and is not news.  And the quran says NO compulsion in religion.

But it is essential that the troops be organized and sent in an orderly fashion, lest it lead to chaos and incidents that bring unfortunate consequences. Hence initiation of and engagement in jihad is the responsibility of the ruler of the believers in one God, and the scholars must encourage him.
Yes, do you see how these scholars mis-lead even the rulers? Very dangerous. It’s also why they insist you read the Quran in Arabic knowing full well most can’t read Arabic so they can tell you whatever suits themselves.
But even the Quran says that religious rule cannot be the law of the land.

If he initiates the jihad and mobilizes the believers in one God, then the one who is able to do so must respond to the call, sincerely seeking the Countenance of Allah, and in the hope of supporting the truth, and to protect submitting to god. The one who stays behind when the call for jihad is given and has no excuse, is sinning. End quote.
Re-open the damn quote.
What if the jihad is for a stupid idea? Shouldn’t there be a vote? There should always be a vote. A good leader (like the messenger) listened to the people, not the other way around. Religion is personal—to you your religion, to me mine? Government is for ALL the people. No compulsion in religion.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said:
It should be noted that appointing a leader to run the people’s affairs is one of the greatest of religious duties, without which no religious or worldly matters can be established.
Oh really? Does religion explain how to fix a clock?
One needs to know more than religion to learn math, run a business or a country…or a camel race. The Quran say education is VERY important for all men and women and it wasn’t’ talking about religious education

The Prophet said: “If three people set out on a journey, let them appoint one of them in charge.” Narrated by (this has a long chain) Abu Dawood from the Hadith of Abu Sa’eed and Abu Hurayrah. Imam Ahmad narrated in his Musnad from ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr that the Prophet said: “It is not permissible for three people to be in the wilderness without appointing one of them in charge.”
Pfftt...Like no one had ever thought of appointing/electing a leader before? Well, it might have been news to the 7th century desert Arabs.  I still do not understand why these imams want todays believers to live and behave like the first Desert Arab believers. 
Probably because stupid people are easy to rule??  Yes, I do believe they think many of you are that stupid.  I don't.

Hence it was narrated that “the ruler is the shadow of Allah on earth” and “Sixty years with an unjust ruler are better than one night without a ruler.” Experience proves that this is so. End quote.
Crap.  Re-open that damn quote.
This is what a creepy, lying, fearful, tyrant imam/scholar will tell you.
They need to be beat with a wooden ruler.  There are always enough good  people to rule. 

Find them, support them and don't expect to get everything fixed in 10 minutes.  And don't expect your new leaders to do everything for you, do your part.  Badness has gone on for so long that all of you will have to do many good deeds (volunteer your expertise) but it will be well worth your efforts

Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Uthaymeen said:
'...So it is not permissible for anyone to fight without the permission of the imam, except in the case of defence. If the enemy attacks them suddenly and they are afraid of his evil, then they may defend themselves, because fighting becomes an individual obligation in that case.
Now wasn't that interesting?  The imam rules!  Why?  Because the imam supposedly read and understood the Quran….in Arabic!  Yet the Quran doesn't say one has to read it in Arabic!  Your abuse is due to believing a lie!
The Quran is clear, oppressors suck and you have to fight them even if you don’t like fighting.
These imams are protecting their dress wearing asses.

And Allaah knows best.
Which is why I have bitter fruit :D

A Muslim asks a scholar

Are women allowed to be rulers in the islamic sharia? (i would prefer evidence from the Qur'an).

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allaah.
Whenever one of these scholars start out with ‘firstly’ you know they are not going to use the Quran.

We appreciate our brother’s keenness to find out and follow the evidence from the Quran, but there will not necessarily be evidence specifically from the Quran for every issue. Rather the evidence for many rulings is to be found in the hadith not the Quran.
If that were true how did I find this verse in the Quran? Sure didn’t find anything like that in Hadith. Maybe that’s why the Quran says not to follow Hadith?

And the Quran says….27:23 Lo! I found a woman ruling over them, and she hath been given abundance of all things, and hers is a mighty throne.
Now, who are you going to believe, the Quran or a silly unbelieving man in a dress?
Btw, the real (stupid) answer was really, really long but I didn’t want to insult your intelligence so I didn’t post it. Besides, my answer was the only correct one; they didn’t even list 27:23

A Muslim asks a scholar

Is it permissible to rebel against the ruler?

And the scholar replies 

There are people who think that because some of the rulers commit acts of sin, we are obliged to rebel against them and attempt to change things even if that results in harming the Muslims in that country, at a time when there are many problems in the Muslim world. What is your opinion?
Praise be to Allaah.
Warding off evil by means of a greater evil is not permitted according to the scholarly consensus.
Are you starting to see a pattern here?  Mind control.  Mind freak though you can use the other F word if you want.

If this group which wants to get rid of this ruler who is openly committing sin is able to do so, and can bring in a good and righteous leader without that leading to greater trouble or a greater evil than the evil of this ruler, then that is We see this happening now.

But if rebellion would result in greater trouble and lead to chaos, oppression and the assassination of people who do not deserve to be assassinated, and other forms of major evil, then that is not permitted.
We've seen that happen too.  But the Quran says that God helps those who fight against injustice, and those who are killed for fighting the oppressors will go to heaven.  Win, winAnd remember, Mubark caved, he backed down.  Allah's will in action.  Brains not bulletsAllah loves the brainy-ith...as they continue...

Rather it is essential to be patient and to hear and obey in matters of good, and to offer sincere advice to the authorities, and to pray that they may be guided to good, and to strive to reduce evil and increase good. This is the correct way which should be followed, because that is in the general interests and because it will reduce evil and increase good, and because this will keep the peace and protect of the believers in one God from a greater evil
And here they back track...'may they be guided to good'?  They've already been 'guided' to bad!  Make the change, be the change.  Allah also like-ith the changers.  Having fun with the old victorian language :D
But I'm telling ya, do not trust a scholar or an imam until he can cite his source! 
I can't tell you how many thousands of debates I've won just by using those 3 words.  Cite your source.  It better be from the Quran and in the right context.  Don't be expecting me to believe you're a 7th century Arab trying to protect a dead messenger.  Not buying it. 
If you're ever in a debate, try that.

A Muslim asks a scholar

Witchcraft is widespread in our land and they annoy and harm the people. Is it permissible to kill them so that the people will be spared their evil?
Please note that our government allows them to work and takes taxes from them.

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allah.
If it is proven that a person is doing witchcraft then it is obligatory to kill him because of his evil and the harm that he is doing to people.

What is required of those whom Allah has placed in authority over people is to rule them in accordance with that which Allah has revealed. Allah says
5:49 “And so judge you O Muhammad among them by what Allah has revealed and follow not their vain desires”

This had nothing to do with witchcraft or magic. This is a commandment for Muhammad who was confused as to what to do in a particular situation—one that none of you are likely to encounter.  But they quote…

5:44 “And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are the disbelievers”
5:45 “And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are the polytheists and wrongdoers.
So...where does it say to kill the witches???
There is not one verse in the Quran that says to kill witches or those who do magic as believers know that only God can make magic. And they continue with..

“And whosoever does not judge by what Allaah has revealed (then) such (people) are the the rebellious, disobedient, of a lesser degree to Allah”
So you shouldn’t listen to them. They are the true disbelievers, the rebellious, the disobedient. Yet they still try hard to brainwash you….

It is not permissible at all to annul a punishment prescribed in sharia. Even worse and more abhorrent than that is approving of the haraam deed and allowing the practitioner of witchcraft to work his magic in return for paying taxes.
Well you know that's a big freaking lie.  As the Quran says..Bring forth your proof.  Oh right, you can't.  It's a lie.
The Quran says that assigning partners with Gold is the worst and most abhorrent deed.  I guess he missed that part. He won’t be liking my fruit

This is a betrayal of trust which the ruler will be asked about on the Day of Resurrection, the Day on which he will bite his hand in regret, but it will be to no avail. Allah says: 28. ‘Ah! Woe to me! Would that I had never taken so and so as a an intimate friend!
Yes indeed! Watch out for so and so!

25:27-29. “He indeed led me astray from the Reminder of this Quran after it had come to me. And Satan is to man ever a deserter in the hour of need.’”
Choose your religious leaders with care and knowledge. Chose your countries leaders by their good deeds, patience and tolerance towards others. It only makes sense. But don't trust so and so.

The scholars of the Standing Committee said: can we sit?
Kidding…they said…

The one whose job it is to establish proof of witchcraft and carry out those punishments is the ruler who is in charge of the Muslims’ affairs, so as to ward off evil and to close the door to chaos.
Again we see the standing commission lying as they sit or stand. Maybe they’re really Shia and want chaos so the 12th imam will return :D

My advice, enjoy Chris Angel who is an awesome magician, if he freaks you out you’re not allowed to hurt him…unless you’re an unbeliever.

Here's one of his mind freaks

Bet that freaked some of you out...woulda knocked the sand out of a 7th century desert Arab.  And back to fatwas

A Muslim asks a scholar

If the ruler of a state is neglecting the Sunnah (Sunni traditions of Muhammad), and he does not call the people to offer this prayer when there is no rain or the wells have dried up, is it permissible for the imaam of one of the mosques in that country to call the people of his city to offer the prayer for rain and for them to go out on their own to offer this prayer?

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allah.
If the people of a city are not ordered by their ruler to offer the Eid prayers or prayers for rain, then it is prescribed for them to offer the Eid prayer and prayers for rain in the desert (outside the city) if that is possible, or else in the mosques, because the Messenger prescribed that for his ummah.
Eid prayer is fard kafaayah (Important Arabic word which means; if some members of the community undertake this duty, the rest are free from blame, but if no one does it, all will be held to blame---good one, yes?) so it is not permissible for the Muslims in any city to neglect it. Some of the scholars said that it is an individual obligation like prayers, because the Messenger of Allah did it and ordered others to do it.
Ok. Based on what I just read…IF someone asked for rain and it magically rained wouldn’t they then be killed for witchcraft?

Oh and then there’s this Hadith, I have it in my book. A dumb 7th century Arab asked Muhammad for rain and Muhammad made it happen. The town flooded.

At the end of the day all humans live in god’s (or by whatever name you use) head/world/planet and the rules don’t seem complicated unless you live for drama.
You could have all been made the same. That’s what the words say and the rules are simple. Charity, prayer, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness and love --and submit your souls and lives for the sake and love of your Allah, Godly G-d. A rose by any other name, right, is still a rose.
If one speaks Mexican the other Greek. Ima thinking an almighty would understand all languages.
And the all mighty, all knowing would know that In God you trust, but you were made different with different purposes.  Collectively, you are…

We the People…..

After all the God words, those 3 words are the most important words for the human experience. We the people, collectively and individually have the god given right to be who you were meant to be.

We the people…

Have seen and have lived by way of religious leaders for many hundreds of years and so far, it has not worked out so well.
If you trust in the words-- which do say and do mean, --each human was created for a purpose and as not all humans are the same it’s only obvious that this journey of life given by God is an individual journey and that is true for...

We the people….

We do not mind if others disagree as we are each on an individual journey as humans with a purpose and we know if that's to work for us then it has to work for….We the People. Very empowering words.

You see the signs. They are not magic, it is Gods will and command
and you will get support from the World.

Make it work people
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