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I charge the King of Saudi Arabia with Apostasy and Blasphemy!

Another twitter user has been charged with insulting Islam.  An Arab man in Saudi Arabia is accused of offending Islam and its Prophet Mohammed in remarks on his Twitter page, the second man to be charged with apostasy in the Gulf Kingdom.  His name is Muhammad Salama.

I charge the King of Saudi Arabia with blasphemy, apostasy and hypocrisy for not believing in the Quran, but choosing to follow the ancient laws of the Christians and Jews.

The paper, which carried part of Salama’s remarks, said he claimed the Prophet (pbuh) had once tried to commit a suicide because he doubted the Koran.’
Well, based on the same hadiths used by the King to enforce the blasphemy and apostasy laws (they are also used to justify killing gays, stoning adulterers and denying women their rights) the comment Salma made is true.  Muhammad, the Prophet, was suicidal more than once.  After his first meeting with the angle, he ran home to his wife for protection.  He was scared and he wanted to die.  Based on Hadith, Salma spoke the truth.

Salma is said to have tweeted; “If God gives chances but does not forget, then why He forgot Israel and did not give chances to Gaddafi.”  The Hadith tell followers to remain stupid while the Quran urges one to gain knowledge so why is the King encouraging stupidity over knowledge?  I find this to be a fair question, one that deservers discussion, not the death penalty.

The paper also said Salama believed that God “will let us enjoy liquor, usury and sorcery in Paradise after we were deprived of them in life.”  Based on the Quran, this is mostly true.  While the Quran does not go into everything that will be available in paradise it does imply that what is denied on earth will be allowed in paradise…though I have no idea why one would need a loan in paradise or need to use sorcery.  But this cannot be logically seen as an insult.

The King has forbid what God has not and when he is challenged to bring forth a sura like it, he brings Hadith.  This makes the King a disbeliever in its truest form.  Why does he insist that his people follow the laws of the ancient Jews and Christians?  Why does he not boast that the Quran is the only book that does not allow the killings for apostasy and blasphemy?  Why is he not proud of that?  It’s almost like he’s ashamed of the Quran and too embarrassed to follow its teachings.

The Quran says that one cannot be a disbeliever until they have read the Quran and then rejected it.  Isn’t this exactly what the King has done?  It also says that the desert Arabs were the worst of the worst when it comes to hypocrisy.  I ask, has anything changed?

The Quran also says that Muhammad is not your father that his only job was to deliver the Quran and if you don’t believe it then there is no harm on Muhammad, so how can he be insulted?

The Quran also says not to put one prophet above another so why does the King not believe that?

I say, if the King would rather believe in the laws of the ancient Jews and Christians, then he should convert to their religion and leave those who would rather follow the Quran to the real believers.

The King of Saudi Arabia does not believe in the Quran, he believes in Hadith and will be tasting the bitter fruit of the Az Zaqqum.  The people of Saudi Arabia need to stand up against his injustice or they too, will be feeding from the bitter Tree.

And because the King loves Hadith he should follow the Hadith of blasphemy and apostasy and kill himself…as the Hadith dictates.

Muhammad Salama has done nothing wrong.  Asking questions and seeking knowledge is encouraged by the Quran!

Also, if you use BING as a search engine and type in the word ‘blasphemy’ then click images, images of Christians appear.  I say it should include images of the King!
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