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Hellfire...it's getting crowded

I'm glad I don't have to feed the Christians. They have been competing hard with the Islamists but they don't get fed in their hellfire.

It's almost like there is a virus going all around the world at once. It mostly affects the god guys and it always centers around controlling the use of a vagina...something they don't have and sex, something I doubt any of them are getting.

In the land of the free, USA, there are suddenly many extreme Christian politians in office and they have decided that there is not enough religion in government so they cherry picked their Bible to find laws that back up their position. Many believe that women are no longer smart enough to make all of their own decisions and they shouldn't get equal pay. I believe they were using Timothy as a foundation, that women are not to teach men but as with all god guys, they extended that to mean women should not make the same amount of money as a man. One decided that abortion, for example, should be forbidden even in the case of incest because....'sometimes it's voluntary'. I believe he was referencing the story of Lott in the Bible. Or that rape is just another form of conception. Lot of raping in the Bible.

Gays are also a target as that is the second group of people that religious radicals like to torture. There are over 200 laws of Leviticus in the Bible, but the one about homosexuals is the one law they land on. They don't shut down Red Lobster restaurants even though shellfish is forbidden and most all of them eat pork. But unlike some Muslim countries, they don't kill gays as it's not worth going to prison for following the religious law. And Muslim countries should not kill gays as that's Biblical law and not Quran law.

The problem with electing religious men into political office is they want to impose the religious laws on you based on their own weakness. And there will always be someone even more religious with bigger weaknesses than the last one and if you keep electing them, pretty soon you'll have a country where everyone is miserable.

If your religious beliefs are centered around preventing others from going to the hellfire, you're doing it wrong. Your only job is to prevent yourself from going there, everyone else has FREE WILL.

If your life isn't going right, fix your life, don't be trying to fix someone else's life. And if your life is going right, don't mess up someone else's life, be thankful- not self righteous.

Peace...one person at a time minding their own business


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