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Fear of Gods in Christian America

I read an article that caused this response. The link to the article is listed below. My opinion comes first.

Bet I could make their heads explode by telling them Muhammad is on the USA Supreme Court Building.

And where do you think the USA got the Noble vision of No Compulsion in Religion? It is not found in the Christian Bible. But it is found in the Quran.

 But why promote hate? I've never seen hate lead to peace, ever. Just look at the mid east with the sunni v shia, they've been killing each other for 1400 years over the title of The Religion of Peace and Tolerance....and they belong to the same religion!

 And Chrisitans, why do I have to remind you that Jesus wasn't a hater? Or that it was your Born Again Christian GW Bush and his pappy who started this religious war?

 If you are indeed the superiour religion, then it should be easier for you to create peace, yes? Even with those who might hate what you have done to their land, to their towns, to their families, to their lives.

 Logically, it would make more sense to let isis see that Americans are not influenced by isis, that they are not afraid of them or of Muslims in general. You got your dogs, god and guns. You should be secure.

From the article;
"Many will argue that our Founding Fathers did not have the Christian faith in mind when developing the political system we all enjoy and other nations covet. However, our own Pledge of Allegiance is evidence of that fact in the line “one nation, under God, indivisible.” Our nation supports maintaining the traditions and principles of these Christian values. What message are we sending to the god of the Christian faith by praying to another?"

"This video is disturbing not because it shows diversity, but because a spiritual leader of a faith that is not peaceful and uses principles of that faith to justify violence against all other religions and people that do not conform to it is leading a prayer in the highest legislative authority in America.
Christians stopped burning people at the stake centuries ago. Why are we allowing a faith where even the “moderate” followers still exact violent persecution to preside and “pray” over our legislative proceedings?"

"The bigger concern is this: who is it in our current leadership that authorized something like this? Have we become so liberalized in our thinking that we are not thinking of the larger ramifications of actions like this?"

** And my fav part, pefect ending;

 "Americans are fighting elements of Sharia law all over the country. It appears yet another piece has been allowed into the House of representatives"

 **That sharia law includes telling Americans that not ALL Americans are to be treated equally under the law, like women, gays and minorities, sciences and of course, other religions. They are to be treated with your religious judgement. Don't say it's not true, it's what you voted for 2 weeks ago....isis was pleased at the common ground.
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