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What is the point of the Quran?

What is the point of the Quran?

Why did humans need another message? Wasn’t the message of the Torah or the Bible enough? Ask a Muslim or even a Muslim scholar and they’ll say; “That there is only one God”. Well, that’s not new. Or they might say something about charity or prayer. But those aren’t new, either. Many Muslims will say; Islam is a religion of peace. But when pushed, they repeat the same message that is found in the bible. So what is the point of the Quran?

The Quran is all about New Rules. This is going to shock many Muslims, Atheists, witches, and Christians.

1400 years ago Allah looked down upon the lands now known as Saudi Arabia and said of the people, ‘they were the worst of the worst’ (9:97) and in desperate need of a message. That message was a book of New Rules.

To appreciate the New Rules, you have to know the Old Rules. There was a reason for the Old Rules but they no longer applied. The Jews had lost their land to the Romans. Christianity now ruled. They followed many of the Old Rules but they threw in; a trinity, a sun god, (Apollo), and bacon.

So what were some of the Old Rules and what are the New Rules?

Old Rule; Kill Adulterers
New Rule; Don’t do that
Old Rule; Kill non believers
New Rule; Don’t do that
Old Rule; Kill gays, witches, apostates
, blasphemers, and other random folk. New Rule. Don’t do that.
New Rules for sex. One who has had sex can only marry someone who has had sex. This is to protect kids. A cheater can only marry another cheater. That’s fair.

New Rules for women. Women are no longer property. She decided who she would marry. She could divorce him and get alimony. She could testify. She could inherit property. She could own a business. She didn’t have to give her husband any of the money she earned, but he still had to pay the bills. She could have hired help to raise kids, even breastfeeding, and husband had to pay for it. And dressing was simple, just cover the genitals and bosom when you go outside. Unless you’re old, then it doesn’t matter.
Collectively, all of this was New.

Men also had New Rules. But many men did not like these New Rules. He can no longer kill a wife if she pissed him off. He now needed 4 witnesses to prove adultery. He can’t even hit her until he’s gone through a process. And he could only have 4 wives at a time, not 40 or 400. Men still could demand sex, but it was no longer all about his orgasm.
There were also New Rules for war. You could only kill people who started the fight, or ran you out of your home. No more random killings.

Some of the Old Rules remained the same. Don’t eat pork, take care of orphans, give charity, and don’t be an asshole. Prayer is still simple, thank God for what you have, or ask for strength for what you’re being put through. There is still a Heaven and a hellfire but with the New Rules you get fed in hellfire, though the food sucks. There are still angels and devils, and God still knows everything you’re up to.

But, the most profound New Rule was that of belief. Atheism was no longer a crime. No compulsion in religion. Those 4 words are the foundation of freedom. From this came freedom of speech. It’s why Muhammad is on the USA Supreme Court Building. He brought New Rules. America and the west follow the principals of these New Rules.

So now, ask me, why aren’t any of the 57 Muslim countries following the New Rules of the Quran?
The answer includes; 2 dead chics, a dead gay guy.
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