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Political Islam

How do you define Islam?


Islam is a religion. The word Islam means submission to One God. Muslims submit to God/Allah. Instructions on how to submit to God/Allah are in the Quran. The Quran says it is complete and not to follow Hadiths (31;6)

What is political Islam?

Political Islam is not the Quran. Political Islam is Sharia.
Sharia are manmade laws that benefit radical Muslims.
Anything that is not from the Quran IS political and must be challenged.

Most of these challenges come from C.A.I.R.

CAIR, the Counsel for American Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights group and not to be confused with CARE, the leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty with special focus on assisting poor women across the globe including Muslim women.

It would be very wrong to confuse the two but it was slick for political Islam to swipe a name with such a great reputation, to promote political Islam’s agenda. CAIR receives money from Saudi Arabia. There are allegations that CAIR supported Hamas and Hizballah but declares that CAIR does not support these groups publicly…very slick.

Now, if you listen to CAIR’s mouth piece Ibrahim Hooper, he will tell you that he hopes America will one day be under Islamic Sharia Rule. But what would you expect from an insecure guy formally known as Doug?...from Cleveland…who’s father fought in WW2 to free Europe from Nazi’s? When you can’t be as good a man as your father, I guess you feel small. To me, the dude definitely seems to have anger issues.

Doug was born, raised and educated right here in America, he had the freedom to apostate from his Christian religion and switch to a religion whose political views wouldn’t allow that kind of freedom. Sharia. And Doug knows all of our laws….and how to abuse them.

And how would an insecure guy like a Doug compete with a father who is a war hero? He gave himself a new and important name….in yo face daddy! Dougie chose a name to make himself an Islamic political hero. Ibrahim. Why take that name? Because Muslims know Ibrahim is considered the Father of the Prophets! If you can’t be a war hero, be the Father of Prophets! Personally, I have more respect for war heroes.

But this slick new father of prophets knows our laws AND he knows Sharia, he can really mess things up and feel good about it. The American Islamic hero. Back to that Daddy complex.

Every now and then Ibrahim, the father of the prophets, aka Doug, takes questions from the media about honor killings, suicide bombers, taxi drivers who won’t take customers who have a dog or a six pack of beer, and the father of prophets issues his standard reply; Oh, that’s not Islamic. Followed by…and we want special privileges. We want public schools to allow special prayer rooms or footbaths, Hijab, halal food in all schools, etc. End result? The father of prophets gives the Islamists what they want. Political victory. We have a lot of Dougs in America.

Doug, aka Ibrahim is a perfect example of political Islam. Take a religion that is causing problems worldwide and demand equal rights. Deny and demand.

Political Islam has been defined for 1400 years. It’s defined by Sharia. The father of the prophets has no problem agreeing with this, he just has an honesty problem when it comes to defining it.
And no one knows enough about their laws to challenge political Islam? Crap, it’s not it’s hard. 3 words…cite your source!
I say it's time we quit playing games and demand clarity!

Here's a fact. Most Muslims confuse Sharia with the Quran. They don’t know which is which.

Sharia allows for stoning adulterers. Many Muslims believe it's from the Quran. It’s not in the Quran, (hadith says it's because a goat ate that revelation).
The Quran says that one who has had sex must marry someone else who has had sex. Can't do that if they're dead
Killing apostates isn’t in the Quran either, nor are there any laws on dogs, Hijab, segregating men and women, footbaths, equal rights, human rights, civil rights for Non Muslims, death to apostates or 5 prayer--none of that is in the Quran.

Sharia does allow the Father of prophets to lie to Non Muslims so you must insist that they always cite their source. If it’s not in the Quran, it must be considered political.

Why not ask the father of prophets to cite his source for footbaths? Or for demanding rights that Sharia doesn’t allow?

Sharia doesn’t allow Muslims to take their law from a Non Muslim court. And under no circumstances can a Muslim act like a Non Muslim and wouldn’t you love to remind the father of the prophets that Sharia doesn’t allow free speech and to shut the fk up?. That’s political Islam.

This is NOT complicated! People like the father of prophets, formally known as Doug, can not pick and choose which Non Muslim laws to follow as he and other Dougies try to implement the very un-Islamic laws of Sharia!

Ask the right question..3 words (4 if you’re polite)...cite your source...please.
If it’s not in the Quran it is POLITICAL.

And please read the link about CAIR

and please compare it to the Organization of CARE

Which one would you feel better about supporting?

To make it simple, my next blog will list everything that the Quran forbids. Feel free to copy it and use it as a reference.
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