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Friday's Freaky Fatwa's Permed hair invites trouble--poo

Fatwa issued against perms in Indonesia
Women’s hair styles have become a hot topic for Indonesia’s Muslims after calls from some Islamic clerics to have the procedure banned on the grounds it invites moral danger.

A Fatwa Against Muslim Prayer Ringtones
prayer calls should not be used as ringtones, the fatwa said, because it might confuse people and make them believe it was actually time for prayer.

Egyptian cleric issues fatwa forbidding Muslims from Facebook
A top Egyptian cleric has issued a fatwa forbidding the use of the popular social networking site Facebook, saying Muslims using such sites must be considered "sinners".

Can a Muslim woman swim with non Muslim women?
A woman should not see other women's 'Awrah except their face and hands and we think that you will be seeing other women's 'Awrah. So in this case it is not permissible even if you are covering your 'Awrah. Based on Quran 24:31 ...and not reveal their adornment except to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husband’s fathers, or their sons, or their husbands’ sons, or their brothers, ….”

Can woman watch soccer?
No, as it is forbidden for her to look at the players because they expose their thighs.

Go a Muslim go to yoga classes?
No, as it requires one to worship the sun

Get a mortgage?
No. It is not permissible to finance through conventional banks as they contain elements of interest and gambling which are expressly prohibited in the Quran.

What about insurance?
No. It is not permissible to subscribe for third party insurance as it contains elements of interest and gambling as well.

Question; Could you please present a scenario where it is possible for a man to mistakenly have sexual intercourse with another woman?

Answer We are not in a position to predict mistakes. However, should such a mistake take place, the ruling as explained in Bahishti Zewar will apply.. And that would be……

A person has sexual intercourse with a woman after mistaking her for his wife. He will have to give her mahrul mithl ($$), and this intercourse with her will not be regarded as adultery, nor will there be any sin.”

Questioner: Can travel by herself in a plane?

Answer; three days and nights of traveling in the days of the Prophet is equal to 48 miles of today’s traveling, hence, it will be compulsory for a woman to be accompanied by an adult male Mahram (relative) for any journey above 48 miles. And the danger upon a woman in the plane is greater because the plane could change its course and its direction to another airport due to reasons, so who will receive the woman and where shall she go when it lands in other than the airport which she was heading to?

Question; Regarding sports clothes that leave uncovered a small area under the navel and half of the thighs.

Covering ones 'Awrah is obligatory. The woman's body is all 'Awrah, and the buttocks and private parts of a man are his 'Awrah as is everything between his knee and navel. This is based on what is reported from 'Ali who said Prophet, "Don't reveal your thigh, and don't look at somebody else's thigh, be they dead or alive."

Question: My mother has these two cockatiel birds and the poop everywhere in the house. Can you please tell me what the ruling is on this specific case of birds in the house.

Birds feces is taahir (pure) as there is no Sharia evidence to suggest that these things are naajis (impure). The feces of birds whose meat may be eaten is taahir (pure), and does not have to be washed off if it gets onto one’s clothes or body, or on the carpet, and there is nothing wrong with praying in these clothes or on this carpet. There is evidence that the same is true for the urine and dung of animals whose flesh may be eaten such as sheep, cows, horses and so on.


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