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No more Islam...we speak English

In an elaborate suicide in Stockholm, a mentally sick person blew himself up in a car, and in the process, he injured two innocent people.
The residents were shocked as it was the first explosive suicide in the entire history of Stockholm. The citizens were relieved when they found the man was from England.

Lately there seems to be many suicides by way of public explosion. Hanging themselves is too quiet….what? Suicide should be a private experience and it shouldn’t make a mess on a passerby, never mind hurt anyone else.

This recent phenomenon spurs a debate on these new public suicides. Would medication of helped? Talk therapy? Strong religious beliefs?

There’s been a strong argument for the third option. Maybe if these, mostly young men, had good religious teachings, a good moral foundation, they would have been taught that God does not like it when you kill yourself. And you are not to hurt or kill anyone-- unless they are forcing you from your home. It’s too bad this guy didn’t convert/revert to submit to one God. Being a believer might have saved him.

Printed in bold is from the Quran. I am refusing to use the Arabic translation. Seriously, how many humans speak Arabic? Plus, I don’t like the choices of words they decided to keep in Arabic. Like the word Muslim. That’s an Arabic word for one who believes in one God. Big deal, like the belief in one God is something new.

And the word Islam, in English it means, one who submits to one God, as opposed to the many gods of the desert pagans, who are now all dead. But for much of the planet, saying you submit to one God is not news. It’s a big; so what?

And the word Sharia? A path to a watering hole. If you have indoor plumbing you don’t need Sharia. So dump the Arabic word and start using the English translation, a path to a watering hole. It will add humor to your discussion.

Oh and those signs? The one’s that say…’Islam will conquer’. Promise me the next time you see one, translate the meaning to the Arabic impaired mischief maker. Tell him, “I’m happy you believe and submit to one God, now go home”. And remind him what happens to the mischief makers….hellfire and a diet of bitter fruit from the tree of Az Zaqqum.

No more publicity for the Arabic language, especially if it causes trouble or distasteful attention from the media. For English, press 1.
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