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Friday Freaky Fatwa--Don't trust Muslims and boobs are confusing

A Muslim asks a scholar

My question is about the dais on which the bride is placed, which is a kind of platform or stage which is on a higher level than the people who are present, so that the bride may be easily seen by all the people present. Is this a kind of arrogance, knowing that some of the friends of the bride sit with her? Please advise us, may Allaah reward you with good.

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allaah.

The dais on which the bride sits is something that has been well known from ancient times and is mentioned in several classical texts.

The scholars of the Standing Committee said: well you knew they’d have something to say, right?

For the husband to appear on the dais in front of women who are not his mahrams (they like to use the Arabic word but it means; unmarriageable kin with whom sexual intercourse would be considered incestuous) and who are present at the wedding party, where he can see them and they can see him, and they are wearing all their adornments and he is wearing all his finery, is not permissible, rather it is an evil action which must be denounced.
Translation; A good believer cannot trust a Muslim. Stupid fatwa. Way too many scholars tell Muslims not to trust other Muslims. Go through my blog and you’ll see what I mean.
And Allaah knows best
not according to the scholars.

A Muslim asks a scholar

There are two married brothers living in one apartment. Is it permissible for their wives to uncover their faces in front of one another’s husband, knowing that both of them are righteous?

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allaah.

If the families are living all together, then the women must observe hijaab in front of those who are not their mahrams. It is not permissible for the wife of one brother to uncover her face in front of his brother, because his brother is like any other man in the street with regard to looking and being non-mahram.

It is also not permissible for his brother to be alone with her if he (the husband) is outside the home. This is a problem which is affecting many people, such as when brothers are living in the same home and one of them is married. It is not permissible for the one who is married to leave his wife with his brother if he goes out to work or to study, because the Prophet said: “No man should be alone with a [non-mahram] woman.” And he said: “Beware of entering upon women.” They said, “O Messenger of Allaah, what do you think about the brother-in-law [meaning the husband’s relatives]?” He said, “The brother-in-law is death.”
That's so funny!
Sooo….because the first believers were creepy pervs who couldn’t be trusted, ALL believers must be creepy pervs who can’t be trusted…that is what the scholars are saying. Hard to move forward when you have to live backward. Muslims should never trust another Muslim.

Stupid scholar, stupid fatwa.

A Muslim asks a scholar

If I drink a liquid such as tea or juice and so on, and I want to pray, do I have to wash my mouth with water before praying? Does this also apply to the reading Qur’aan?

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allaah

It is not obligatory to wash the mouth after eating or drinking, whether one wants to pray or read Qur’aan. But it is good for him to do that, especially if what he ate or drank was at all greasy,
you’re gonna love the reasoning behind this fatwa

because of the report narrated by Muslim from Ibn ‘Abbaas according to which the Prophet drank some milk, then he called for water and rinsed out his mouth and said: “It is somewhat greasy.”
And there ya go.

A Muslim asks a scholar

My wife is currently feeding our newborn child. During sex, I drank her milk. Is her milk halal (allowed) for me?

And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allaah.

Before answering this question, we must explain some important points about the rulings concerning breastfeeding
rule 1. You must have a breast.

1. Breastfeeding is proven in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and by scholarly consensus.
And by any woman who’s ever been knocked up.

Quran: says (interpretation of the meaning): 4:23 “… your foster mothers who gave you suck, your foster milk suckling sisters…’.
and that answers his question--how?? Gotta be a Hadith, right?

Ibn ‘Abbaas reported that the Prophet said: “What is forbidden by suckling or breastfeeding is the same as what is forbidden by lineage.”
So, he drank her milk, does that mean he’s not related to himself anymore?

The scholars agree that the effect of breastfeeding prohibits marriage and creates the relationship of mahram, (they like to use selective Arabic words maybe to sound cool or whatever, but mahram means; unmarriageable kin with whom sexual intercourse would be considered incestuous. Mahram is faster to say but it’s just better not to marry your kin) and permits seeing and being alone (with the people to whom one is related through lineage.
Now they seem to be saying they need to get a divorce because they are now brother and sister. Maybe breast rule number 2 will clear things up.

2. For breastfeeding must happen within the first two years of the child’s life, because Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): 2:233 “The mothers shall give suck to their children for two whole years, (that is) for those (parents) who desire to complete the term of suckling…”
Hmm…..she’s now his mother?

The number of breast feedings must total the known five feeds, in which the child eats his fill as if eating and drinking. If the child leaves the breast for a reason, such as to take a breath or to switch from one breast to the other, this (i.e., each separate time the child latches on) is not counted as one breastfeeding.
What the hell?

This is the opinion of al-Shaafa’i, and the opinion favoured by Ibn al-Qayyim. The definition of one breastfeeding is when the child sucks at the breast and drinks until the milk enters his stomach, then he leaves the breast of his own accord. The evidence for the number five (number of breast feedings) is the report from
Ok, quit laughing and pay attention to the rest. I guarantee you will find this interesting.

Aa’ishawho said: “There was in the Quran a verse that stipulated that ten breast feedings created the relationship of mahram, then this was abrogated by another verse which stipulated five. The Messenger of Allaah died and the verse which stipulated five was still being recited as part of the Quran.” (Reported by Muslim, 1452).
The Quran only has 1 breast rule. Cover it. But the story gets more interesting.

In other words, the abrogation came so late that when the Prophet died, some people had not yet heard that this verse had been abrogated, but when they heard that it had been abrogated, they stopped reciting it, and agreed that it should not be recited, although the ruling mentioned in the verse remained in effect.

This is an abrogation of the recitation without abrogation of the ruling, which is one type of abrogation.
Their abrogation was abrogated. Wow. Does this prove the Quran is not complete? Does it say the Quran was not protected from error? Does this prove that the Hadith really are more important that the Quran? There’s some serious questions here. And keep in mind, this is an accepted answer by scholars of high regard!....stupid as that sounds. Are parts of the Quran missing? Some scholars insist the stoning law was eaten by a goat and that’s why stoning adulterers is not in the Quran, and now lost breast rules?

Having understood this, breastfeeding after the first two years does not create any relationship of mahram. This is the opinion of the majority of scholars, and among the references which they quote is the verse cited above, along with the hadith of the Prophet: “Nothing of breastfeeding creates the relationship of mahram except what fills the stomach to bursting point, before (the age of) weaning.” Reported by al-Tirmidhi. (No. 1152), who said: This is for real.

The application of this according to the scholars among the Companions of the Prophet and others is that breast feeding does not create the relationship of mahram except when it is within the first two years, and anything after the first two whole years does not create any such relationship.”
I’d say the ‘milk maker’ might have a different opinion. One thing I’ve noticed, anytime there is a question that includes a body part, especially a female body part, always requires the opinions of tons of scholars and lots of Hadith and no Quran…and no logic. As they continue…

There are some other reports from the Sahaabah, such (better read this slowly as it might hurt your brain) as that narrated from Abu ‘Atiyah al-Waadi’i, who said: “A man came to Ibn Mas’ood and said: ‘My wife was with me and her breasts were full of milk (she was engorged). I began to suck it and spit it out. Then I came to Abu Moosa.’ He (Ibn Mas’ood) said, ‘What did you tell him?’ So he (Abu Moosa) told him what he had told him. Then Ibn Mas’ood stood up, took the man’s hand (and said), ‘Do you think this is an infant? Breast feeding is what produces the growth of flesh and blood.’ Abu Moosa said: ‘Do not ask me anything when this scholar is among you.’” (Reported by ‘Abd al-Razzaaq in al-Musannaf, 7/463, no. 13895)
So it must be for real, right? My head hurts from shaking it and yet there is still more to this man’s simple question that he should never have asked.

In al-Muwatta’ (2/603), Maalik reported that Ibn ‘Umar said: “There is no breastfeeding except for the one who is breastfed in infancy; there is no breastfeeding for one who is grown up.”

Maalik also reported in al-Muwatta’ that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Dinar said: “A man came to ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Umar when I was with him in the court-house, asking him about breast feeding one who is grown up. ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Umar said: ‘A man came to ‘Umar ibn al-Khattaab and said, “I have a slave-girl with whom I used to have sexual relations, and my wife went to her and gave her her milk, then when I went to her, she said, ‘Stop, by Allah I have given her my milk.’” ‘Umar said, “Punish her (your wife), and (continue to) go to your slave-girl, for (the ruling on) breastfeeding only applies to breastfeeding of infants.”’
How’s your head? Well, there’s more…

From this is it clear that drinking one’s wife’s milk has no effect and does not create the relationship of mahram.

Ibn Qudaamah said in al-Mughni (9/201): “One of the conditions of breast feeding creating the relationship of mahram is that it should be within the first two years. This is the opinion of most of the scholars. Something like this was narrated from ‘Umar, ‘Ali, Ibn ‘Umar, Ibn Mas’ood, Ibn ‘Abbaas, Abu Hurayrah and the wives of the Prophet, apart from ‘Aeisha. It was also the opinion of al-Shi’bi, Ibn Shubrumah, al-Oozaa’i, al-Shaafa’i, Ishaaq, Abu Yoosuf, Muhammad, and Abu Thawr, and was narrated in one report from Maalik.
Well, if ALL of them said it then it MUST be true, right? Wait….what must be true??

On the basis of the above, drinking one’s wife’s milk has no effect, but it is better to avoid it.
But what about all those Hadith?  The ones who said someone said, that someone heard that someone else said that another had said that the prophet said it was ok?  They were ALL solid and reliable Hadith accepted by leading scholars, they have to be right and if they are right they have to be the basis for the ruling especially if it’s not covered in the Quran.  Are the scholars going against the first believers? Are they doubting the Hadith and the Quran?  They do say that 1- Hadiths of abrogated breast rules were left out of the Quran and 2- don’t even believe the most reliable of Hadith. Beware of the scholars who teach you!!

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen was asked about this matter, and he replied: Breastfeeding a grown-up has no effect, because the breast feeding which has an effect (of creating the relationship of mahram) is that which consists of five feedings or more within the first two years, before weaning. On this basis, if it happened that someone breastfed from his wife or drank her milk, he does not become her son.

And Allah knows best.
I’d say the moral of this story is... boobs are complicated.

A Muslim asks a scholar

I just read a long fatwa on breast feeding and got a boner, is this a sin? What should I do?

And the scholar replied
Quit reading stupid fatwa’s!!

The Quran says that submitting to the belief of one God should not be a burden. It also says that belief in one God should be world-wide with good deeds and charity, acknowledge God in all things and stand up against injustice and that God will lead the way. Pretty simple stuff, even for an Arab. Ha. I know I shouldn’t say that, but the Quran says it.. I guess I’m supposed to say, yes, be smarter than a 7th century Arab and be smarter than anyone who says you have to imitate one.

Until our next exciting moment.
Az Zaqqum, bitterTree whose fruit will feed those in the Hellfire,
Islamic scholar for the infidel

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