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More Interesting stories from Saudi Arabia...Judges and Jinn

Split family blamed on maid’s sorcery

Maid jailed for five years but may be free under royal pardonBy Staff Published Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Saudi family who suffered from a series of problems has accused its Indonesian housemaid of causing them by using witchcraft to punish them for bad treatment of her, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The maid had confessed to the police that she did cast a malicious spell on the family but later retracted her confession after colleagues warned her she could be executed for sorcery in the conservative Gulf Kingdom. Yet the court sentenced her to five years in prison.

Just a few weeks after she was jailed, police told her she would be released under a pardon of thousands of prisoners announced by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia following his return from a treatment trip abroad.

“Police told her employers to finish procedures because they want to deport her but they refused, saying she must first break the magic spell she cast on the family,” the Arabic language daily Sabq said in a report from Riyadh.

“The mother believes the housemaid is responsible for all problems that have befallen the family, including her divorce from her husband, the divorce of her daughter from her husband and her elder son’s decision to leave the house on the grounds he no longer stands the family…she gave police some pieces of papers she had found at home written in Arabic and Indonesian showing the housemaid was behind those problems.”

The paper said the mother offered to finish procedures to deport her employee provided the maid dismantles the spell. But the maid told the police “breaking the magic spell requires that she should be in Indonesia not abroad.”
“The mother is still refusing to sign the maid’s papers so she can be deported while the maid insists she cannot break the spell in Saudi Arabia.”
Brilliant strategy!  And cheaper than hiring a lawyer and less risky than going before a judge.

Maid blames her madness on jinn
By Staff Published Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Ethiopian housemaid who was arrested after going mad at her employers’ house in Kuwait asked police to blame the jinn (genie), a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Police detained the maid after her employer reported that she had gone into an “uncontrollable fit of madness” at his house in Kuwaiti city,” Alanba said.

“The maid told investigators at the police centre that it was not her but the jinn,” the paper said.
“She claimed that her brother, with whom she has a dispute, sent a bad jinn in the form of a big giant to ruin her life…she told the police the jinn appears to her wherever she goes.”
She better hire a lawyer who know a Judge who knows all about the Jinn….

Lawyer wants jinn to testify in court
Says court should summon genie in corrupt judge case

By Staff Published Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Saudi defence lawyer has asked court to summon a jinn (genie) claimed to have possessed a judge who has been arrested on corruption charges, the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz reported on Saturday.

The lawyer, Salim bin Atteyya, told court that the jinn must be present in court to testify in the case of the corrupt judge in Madina, Islam’s second holiest shrine after Makkah, the newspaper said.

“The case of the corrupt judge in Madina has taken a new turn and witnessed new developments as the lawyer of an absent defendant has asked court to summon the jinn to testify,” the paper said.

“If what the accused judge said about the jinn, then this jinn could be bad and blasphemous…this jinn could have been sent by a bad sorcerer because witchcraft is bad and non-Islamic.”

Okaz quoted the lawyer as saying he had made that demand on the grounds any sentence must not be based on “jinn’s allegations”, presented by an exorcist.
“This Raqi ( Koran reciter and exorcist) has not presented any real evidence that the accused judge has been possessed by jinn,” the lawyer said.

In a report on the case early this week, Okaz said the accused judge told court he was under a magic spell by jinn when he was involved in such practices.
The paper said the court summoned Fayez Al-Kathami, a well-known cleric and Raqi who is believed to have the powers of speaking to jinn.

It said the court summoned Kathami after the arrested judge said he was possessed by jinn through another defendant, who is a sorcerer.  Kathami told the judge later that he managed to "question" the jinn that had possessed the judge and would present a report to the court.

"The judge also asked me to question the jinn about all the offences committed by the accused judge and other defendant who is at large," Kathami said.

"The jinn told me all I want through the accused judge...I have written all what the jinn said about the judge's life and the other defendant....I will write a full report and present it to the court, proving this judge has been under a spell."

According to Okaz, the corrupt judge had told investigators that the other defendant had "taken control of his thoughts and made him rule on cases without being conscious of committing any illegal act."
There’s a rumour going around that the jinn are going to file a lawsuit for defamation of character
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