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Fatwa on; the murder of Aiesha, tail bones, coffins, and what if a muslim dies in France

Yes, I’m still talking about the death of the World’s most wanted criminal.  Some Americans believed that Usama Bin Laden was un-important or that he no longer represented a continued threat but, some Americans disagreed with that belief.  Those Americans are heroes.

As there has been some discussion regarding UBL’s deep sea burial I thought it would be interesting to share with you some of the Hadith on death.  The following are a collection of Hadith and opinions.

Muslims ask scholars about;

Death, tail bones coffins, resurrection and nail clippings.  And what is said about the murder of Aiesha?

And the scholars replied

When the son of Adam dies, his body disintegrates and vanishes apart from the tailbone, which is a bone at the base of the spine. When the Resurrection begins, Allah will cause the bodies to grow by means of rain from the earth which will make these bones grow until each person’s body is restored to the way it was before he died.
That view is based on the following Hadith.

Narrated Abu Huraira
The Prophet said, "Between the two blowing of the trumpet there will be forty." The people said, "O Abu Huraira! Forty days?"
I refused to reply. They said, "Forty years?" I refused to reply and added: Everything
of the human body will decay except the coccyx bone (of the tail) and from that bone Allah will reconstruct the whole body.

Then after this period Allah will send water from the sky and then the dead bodies will grow like vegetation grows, There is nothing of the human body that does not decay except one bone; that is the little bone at the end of the coccyx of which the human body will be recreated on the Day of Resurrection."
We’ll call this Arab science and another reason why the Quran says; do not follow Hadith.

The phrase “the little bone at the end of the coccyx” refers to the small bone at the base of the spine, which is the end of the coccyx. This is the first part of a person that is created, and it is what will be left of him so that he will be created anew from it.
Anyone believe that?

When a person comes forth from his grave and is gathered and brought to account, his body will remain the same as it was before he died. Then when the people of Paradise enter Paradise and the people of Hell enter Hell, Allah will change their forms.

Of course none of that came from the Quran.  They came from the stories/Hadith of a hungry man and his cat. (Abu Huraira, you can find out about him on this blog, just go to the top left, find the search button and enter his name) Abu Huraira memorized stories in exchange for food.  One of the companions beat him for this and told him to shut up.

But not all scholars take the word of a hungry cat lover.  This scholar was asked about moving the bones of the dead.

If a dead person is buried in the grave, he must be left until he has disintegrated and no trace of him is left. It is not permissible to exhume the grave and take out the bones of the deceased in order to bury another person in it; rather the deceased has more right to it until the remains have disintegrated.  Imam al-Shaafa‘i said concerning the one who digs up the bones of the dead person: If the bones of the dead person are taken out, I prefer for them to be put back and buried. End quote.
I don’t know why I found that answer funny but I lmao.

And what about coffins?

Putting the deceased in a coffin was unknown at the time of Muhammad or his companions, and the best for the Muslims is to follow their way.
Well then, shouldn’t all Muslims move to Mecca?  He continues….

Hence it is not good to put the deceased in a coffin, whether the ground is hard, soft or wet. If the deceased left instructions that he be placed in a coffin, those instructions should not be carried out.


The Shaafa’is said that it is permissible if the ground is soft or wet, but according to them such instructions should not be carried out except in such cases.”


Ibn Qudaamah said: It is not recommended to bury the deceased in a coffin, because there is no report that the Prophet or his companions did that, and it also involves imitating the people of this world. And the earth absorbs his remains better.
Even the tail bone??

Imam Ahmad said; It is bad to bury the deceased in a coffin, even if the deceased is a woman.
Not even if the deceased is a woman.  That settles it.  No coffins.

What if a Muslim dies in France?

The scholars of the Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas was asked:
What is the ruling if a Muslim dies in France and it is not possible to transport him to an Arab land, and there is no graveyard just for the Muslims in the town where he died. Can he be buried in the Christian graveyard or what?

They replied: Or what.  Kidding, here’s there answer… If there is no Muslim graveyard then if a Muslim dies he should not be buried in the Christian graveyard, rather they should look for a place in the desert and bury him there.
I take it that this scholar has not been to the deserts of France, probably because there aren’t any.  But I find it amusing that he believes that all dead Muslims should be shipped to Arab lands.

The murder of Aiesha

Muawiyah ibn abu sufiyan invited Ayesha for dinner, and dug a ditch in the ground, filling it up with sharp knives and swords, with their blades facing upwards.

According to Alama Ibn Khaldoon, Mauweyah masked that ditch with lanky pieces of wood, and spread a carpet on top of it all to camouflage it. He placed a wooden chair over it for Ayesha to sit. No sooner Ayesha sat on the chair, the whole set up collapsed  and she fell in the pit, injuring herself from head to toe, and breaking a lot of bones.

To hide his crime Mauweyah filled the ditched with lime.  

It’s said that Aiesha refused to engage her allegiance to Yezid and would curse Muaweyah after every Salaat (prayer).  She was 64 at the time of her murder.  It is also believed that he killed her brother and other companions.
’ll bet not many readers ever heard about that story.

But they probably know about this (Sunni) story.

It was reported that Aiesha died during the night on the 17th of Ramadan, after Witr and she asked to be buried at night.  It may have been because that was more concealing for her, or perhaps during her lifetime, especially towards the end of it, there appeared an idea that it was bad to bury people at night, and she wanted to make the correct Islamic ruling known. Or it may have been for some other reason. In general it is permissible to bury a person at night if there is a reason to do so.
But they do not talk about the murder of Aiesha.

I’ll bet you didn’t know this was a big deal....

Is it correct that throwing away one’s nail clippings is forbidden and that they should be buried?
If one is afraid that they may fall into the hands of a practitioner of witchcraft, then he should bury them or throw them somewhere where such people will not be able to get their hands on them. And Allah knows best.
Weird, stupid, strange and funny.

Stories/Hadith of the people of Hellfire:

Narrated by Abu Huraira;
the Prophet said: “The distance between the shoulders of the unbelievers in Hell will be that of three days’ swift travelling.”
Scary.  Not the Hadith, the fact that some people believe it.

It was narrated that Abu Huraira said: The Messenger of Allah said: “The molar of the unbeliever – or the eyetooth of the unbeliever – will be like Uhud, and his skin will be as thick as three days’ travelling.”
Hmm….lost teeth and dirty skin.  O the horror of it all.

Description of the people of Paradise:

Narrated by Abu Huraira :
The Messenger of Allah said: “The first group to enter Paradise will look like the moon when it is full; then those who follow them will look like the brightest star in the sky.
They will not urinate or defecate, spit or blow their noses. Their combs will be of gold, their sweat will be musk, their incense burners will be of aloes-wood. Their wives will be al-hoor al-‘iyn and they will all look alike, like their father Adam, sixty cubits tall.”
90 foot men and women who all look alike….hmmm.  Really, Abu?

It was narrated from Mu’aadh ibn Jabal that the Prophet said: “The people of Paradise will enter Paradise hairless and beardless, with kohl-rimmed eyes, all thirty or thirty-three years old.”
Lots of bald 30 year old people with scary eyeballs….this is why the Quran says not to follow Hadith.

And Allah knows best

UBL will not be fed for a hell of a long time and he will ask, is this the better entertainment or the Tree of the Az Zaqqum
37.62 to 37.69
Is that the better entertainment or the Tree of Zaqqum?  For We have truly made it as a trial for the wrong-doers.  For it is a tree that springs out of the bottom of Hell-Fire: The shoots of its fruit-stalks are like the heads of devils: Truly they will eat thereof and fill their bellies therewith.  Then on top of that they will be given a mixture made of boiling water.  Then shall their return be to the Fire.

Truly they found their fathers on the wrong Path;

I am an ordeal….
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