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Friday Fatwa--Allah's destiny for Bin Ladden...Fish food

Did Allah know that Bin Ladden’s destiny was to end up as fish food?  I say yes, but I thought it would be interesting to see what the scholars had to say about destiny.

A Muslim asks a scholar
Is our fate completely pre-destined? Some say we have a choice of which path to choose but what you will find at the end of the path has been chosen for you by Allah. Where can I find the information in the Quran and if there is a set destiny how much of it is chosen by God? Is there really a set day on which I will have birth and another for earthly death, for whom I will marry?
And the scholar replies
Praise be to Allah.

Allah has decreed all things from eternity and knows that they will happen at times that are known to Him, and in specific ways, and that He has written that and willed it, and they happen according to what He has decreed.
So yes, bin Ladden was destined to sleep with the fishies.  As the scholar continues…

Belief in destiny is based on four things:

1 – Knowledge --that Allah knows what His creation will do, by virtue of His eternal knowledge.
Allah, here's a suggestion.  Create fewer Hadith believing nut cases.

2 – Writing --that Allah has written the destiny of all creatures.
Any chance for a re-write?  They're all fighting over your words.  Terrorists take them out of context and ignorant ones believe them. 

3 – Will --that what Allah wills happens and what He does not will does not happen. There is no movement in the heavens or on earth but it happens by His will.
How about making peace happen?  Maybe do some about all those eyeballs and hearts of leaders and thugs that you've veiled? 

4 – Creation and formation, that Allah is the Creator of all things. They do their actions in a real sense, and He is the Creator of them and of their actions.
As the feeders of the bad one's you create...I want a raise

Whoever believes in these four believes in destiny.
For those of you read ing this beieving it's your destiny to avenge UBL, let me remind you that the Quran says many times that you are not to carry the burdens of others, so no revenge of Usama...not unless you want to be eating my bitter fruit for eternity...and you better hope I get that raise.

16:25  Let them bear, on the Day of Judgment, their own burdens in full, and also of the  burndens of those without knowledge, whom they misled. Alas, how grievous the burdens  they will bear!

35:18  And no burdened soul can bear another's burden, and if one heavy laden crieth for help with his load, naught of it will be lifted even though he be of kin. ‘..he cannot by his merit redeem others. Unto Allah is the journey.
Got that?
And don't email me with crap about 'fighting is prescribed for you'.  It also says don't fight them unless they run you our of your houses.  You should be fighting your own oppressors.  You can't blame the west for your lack of education, in-tolerance or poverty.  Your leaders oppress you and you let them. 
While there is pre-destiny, there are also guidlines.  So don't go after the governments of the west, go after the government of your own country.  Be the change in your own country.  If you're busy you won't have time to complain about what others are doing.  Just saying...

And now back to destiny..

The Quran affirms destiny in many verses, such as the verses in which He says (interpretation of the meaning):
6:59 “And with Him are the keys of the all that is hidden, none knows them but He. And He knows whatever there is in the land and in the sea; not a leaf falls, but He knows it. There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry, but is written in a Clear Record”
And somewhere there is a record of UB's life and how it would end.

54:49 “Verily, We have created all things with Divine Pre-ordainments of all things before their creation as written in the Book of Decrees”

57:22  “No calamity befalls on the earth or in yourselves but it is inscribed in the Book of Decrees before We bring it into existence. Verily, that is easy for Allah”

81:29  “And you cannot will unless (it be) that Allah wills, the Lord of ‘mankind, jinn and all that exists”
And as the Quran says, hellfire will be filled with men and jinn.

7:179  Many are the jinns and men we have made for Hell: They have hearts wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattle,- nay more misguided: for they are heedless of warning
17:88  Say: "If the whole of mankind and jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support.
But that was before they followed Hadith.  Now if you ask for someone to produce the like, they’d hand you the book of Bukhari.
And there are others.  And before you get to hell Allah’s feet will crush you 41:29
And to make it all legit they threw in this Hadith

Muslim (2653) narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘Aas said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say: “Allah wrote down the decrees of creation fifty thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth.” He said: “And His Throne was upon the water.”
That’s some special water.  Wonder if it was zam zamWhy didn't this make it into the Quran?  Because Allah has strict standards on humor.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said, People act in a real sense, and Allah is the Creator of their actions. A person may be a believer or a kaafir, righteous or immoral, he may pray and fast. People have control over their actions, and they have their own will, and Allah
That's a good thing to keep in mind.  You may think you're a believer who is destined to hurt the 'kaafir' but Allah may have written that the 'kaafir' has his own destiny and will kick your butt.  Just a thought..
Marriage is one of the things that Allah has decreed. If Allah has decreed that you will marry one person, but you choose someone else, then no matter how long it takes, you will marry that person.

And Allah knows best
Based on their answers, Bin Ladden being fish food was pre-ordained.
Allah favored the Americans, especially the Navy Seals who did an amazing job!
Bin Laden’s ultimate destiny would be fish food.  But I need to ask Allah, why punish the fish?

There has been talk about the burial being un-Islamic.  Some of that is based on the following and I thought you might find it interesting.

Opinions on death, bones and resurrection

When the son of Adam dies, his body disintegrates and vanishes apart from the tailbone, which is a bone at the base of the spine. When the Resurrection begins, Allah will cause the bodies to grow by means of rain from the earth which will make these bones grow until each person’s body is restored to the way it was before he died.
This opinion is based on the folowing stories/hadith

Narrated Abu Huraira
The Prophet said, "Between the two blowing of the trumpet there will be forty." The people
said, "O Abu Huraira! Forty days?"
I refused to reply.
They said, "Forty years?"
I refused to reply and added: Everything of the human body will decay except the coccyx bone (of the tail) and from that bone Allah will reconstruct the whole body.
Then after this period Allah will send water from the sky and then the dead bodies will grow like vegetation grows.
There is nothing of the human body that does not decay except one bone; that is the little bone at the end of the coccyxof which the human body will be
recreated on the Day of Resurrection."

Abu Huraira memorized stories in exchange for food.One of the companions beat him for this and told him to shut up.

But based on that hadith the scholars conclude...
The phrase “the little bone at the end of the coccyx” refers to the small bone at the base of the spine, which is the end of the coccyx. This is the first part of a person that is created, and it is what will be left of him so that he will be created anew from it.
This means Usama will never be re-created.

And Allaah knows best.
To sum it up, don’t be upset that usama ended up as fish food, it’s what Allah wanted. 
Don't mess with Allah...Or America.

This is a great video about the Navy Seals

And thank you!
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