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Kill a Saudi female for half price

Saudi mulls hiking blood money
Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saudi Arabia is considering a proposal to sharply increase diya, the bloody money paid under Islamic law by a killer.

The Supreme Court has suggested the increase to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia following a study conducted by a judicial committee, taking into consideration the drastic social and economic changes in the country, Okaz daily said.

Under the new system, diya for accidental killing will be tripled from SR100,000 to SR300,000 while bloody money for premeditated murder will be nearly quadrupled from SR110,000 to SR400,00, the paper said.

“The new diya system will be enforced only after it is ratified by the Monarch,” the paper said, quoting a senior source at the Supreme Court. It will be the first diya amendment in nearly 30 years and it follows a sharp rise in Saudi Arabia’s oil production and income, steady growth in its population, a massive influx of expatriates and high inflation over the past few years.

Okaz said a panel of Islamic scholar completed a study on the sum set for diya after consultation with officials, economists and intellects. “The panel had also visited many camel markets in the Kingdom and met experts for advice….it decided that there was a need for this increase in light of the massive developments witnessed by the Kingdom in the past decades,” it said.

According to the Arabic language paper, Islam has originally set diya at 100 camels or an equivalent sum of money. A killer could be saved from the gallows and freed if diya is paid and the victim’s relatives pardon the murderer.
In this case the word Islam means Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab economy and the world’s dominant oil power. Its population stood at around 27 million at the end of the first half of 2010, including nearly 20 million Saudis. The country has over 800,000 camels

Saudi Arabia triples blood money for men
Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saudi Arabia has decided to triple diya, the money paid by a killer to the victim’s relatives under Islamic law, but kept the sum for female victims at half that for male victims, newspapers in the Gulf Kingdom said on Saturday.
The Kingdom’s supreme judicial authority said it raised diya to SR300,000 ($80,000) from SR100,000 ($26,666) in accidental death and SR400,000 ($106,666) in premeditated murder, the papers said
“The increase in diya is in line with a recent royal decision and it will be soon enforced by all courts in the country.  Diya for female victims will remain at half that for male victims,” said Hamad al Razeen, a judge at the general court in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah.
Under Islamic law, a killer can avoid death sentence and walk free if pardoned by the victim’s relatives in return for bloody money.
Razeen said the decision to increase diya was based on the sharp rise in the prices of camels, which were used as blood money in the old Islamic age.Really?

Camel kills 100-year-old man in Saudi
Friday, December 03, 2010

A mad camel attacked and killed its 100-year-old Saudi owner after biting off parts of his head and body, Kabar newspaper reported on Friday.

The man was inspecting his camel herd in a village on the Gulf Kingdom’s western coast when the female camel went berserk and attacked him, it said.

“It bit off part of his head and hands…when his relatives later came to look for him, they found him lying on the ground with heavy bleeding,” the paper said.

“They found that the camel had also eaten parts of his body…they tried to take him to hospital but he was already dead.”
Hmm…maybe the female camels are trying to tell the female humans something…..it’s possible.

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