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Friday Freaky Fatwa-Witches names and Coke

A Muslim asks a scholar

Will the repentance of a witch be accepted by Allah? Because I heard that a witch asked the companions about repenting after the death of the Messenger and no one answered her. What did they say to her? Would her faith benefit her before Allah? Why do the scholars issue fatwas about the acceptance of the witch’s repentance in this case

And the scholar replies
Praise be to Allah.

A practitioner of witchcraft may do something that makes him an apostate and should be executed for his apostasy. Or he may practise witchcraft by doing something that does not constitute kufr. In that case there is a difference of scholarly opinion, but the correct view is that he should also be executed if it is proven that he is a practitioner of witchcraft. This is what the companions did and enjoined other to do. If he is executed, he should not be washed or shrouded or buried in the Muslim graveyard.
The companions have now been made into prophets by the scholars.  The Quran does not say to kill a witch or an apostate. Stupid scholars.

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):
2:102 “They followed what the devils gave out falsely of the magic in the lifetime of Solomon. Soloman did not disbelieve, but the devils disbelieved, teaching men magic and such things that came down at Babylon to the two angels, Haaroot and Maaroot, but neither of these two (angels) taught anyone (such things) till they had said, ‘We are for trial, so disbelieve not (by learning this magic from us).’”
But they weren’t killed.
The Quran says this;
42:25 “And He it is Who accepts repentance from His slaves, and forgives sins”
24:31 “And all of you beg Allah to forgive you all, O believers, that you may be successful”

So Allah can forgive but Muslims can’t? 
Is that really a good message?  Hell no!

If a practitioner of witchcraft repents sincerely to Allah, then Allah will accept his repentance. This is between him and his Lord, before the matter reaches the courts.
What happens if the matter reaches court?

But if the matter reaches the Islamic court, then they should execute him without asking him to repent, so as to rid society of his evil.
Holy crap! 

But in this world it is not accepted. The correct view is that he should be executed, even if he says, “I have repented.”
His repentance between him and Allah is valid, if he is sincere, and that will benefit him before Allah, but according to the Islamic ruling he is to be executed.
Ok, I’m thinking that because the scholars are such liars that they believe ALL Muslims are liars.

‘Umar executed the practitioners of witchcraft, because their evil is great. They may say, “We have repented,” but they may be lying, and the people will be harmed and may not be safe from their evil because of the repentance that they show. So they should be executed, and their repentance will benefit them before Allah if they are sincere.
So basically it doesn’t matter what the Quran says as the scholars have decided that the dead companions knew better.  Good luck with that on judgment day.

And when the great Sahaabi Jundub ibn ‘Abd-Allah saw a practitioner of witchcraft playing with his head – making the people think that he was cutting off his head and putting it back – he approached him without him realizing and killed him, and said: “Now put your head back if you are telling the truth!”
That’s almost funny

It is narrated by Bukhari; ‘Umar wrote to the commanders of the troops telling them to execute every practitioner of witchcraft they found, so as to guard against their evil. Abu ‘Uthmaan al-Nahdi said: “We executed three practitioners of witchcraft.
Alright here’s what I really think…I think a real witch would have turned them all into frogs legs…then ate them.

A Muslim asks a scholar
I have been told by one of my friend that drinking coke is haram because if we see it in mirror the way its been written it becomes "LA ALLAH LA MUHAMMED" witch means no ALLAH no Muhammad, and she says who ever drinks it is not a Muslim, please kindly let me know how true it is, and is it really haram or not, thanks.
And the scholar replies
Praise be to Allah.

What has been said about Coca Cola, that there is written on it the words “La Allaah la Muhammad” and that this can be seen by looking at the writing in a mirror, is not true, so there is no Sharia ruling that follows from that.
Only because Coca Cola wasn’t invented at the time of the companions and Bukhari…and a witch didn’t drink it

You should keep away from over exaggerations and illusions that have no basis.
Really? I say that to you guys every Friday

But if the company that produces it is hostile to Islam and supports its enemies, then it should be boycotted for that reason.
Then they all grabbed a bottle of coca cola and called it a day

And Allah knows best.
I heard Allah prefers Pepsi

A Muslim asks a scholar

I got married recently  My wife's name is "SAHIRA"
What does "Sahira" mean in Quranic Arabic
2. If it has a bad meaning then should I change it 

 And the scholar replies

Praise be to Allah

Sihr (magic, witchcraft) is a word used to describe spells, incantations and knots used for purposes of witchcraft which have an effect on people’s hearts and bodies, so that may cause sickness, kill or cause division between a man and his wife. Allah says;

2:102 “And from these (angels) people learn that by which they cause separation between man and his wife”
but it doesn’t say anything about names..

Sihr is a devilish action, most of which is only achieved by means of shirk and drawing close to the shayaateen (devils) by means of that which they love.

The saahir (practitioner of witchcraft) is the one who does this action. The word Saahirah describes a woman who does that.
And the word Islam is Arabic for one who believes in one God.  These scholars believe the companions can make laws like God.  Must be witch craft….should they be killed?

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

113:4 “And from the evil of those who practise witchcraft when they blow in the knots”

This is a references to female witches (sawaahir pl. of saahirah).

20:69 “and the magician will never be successful, to whatever amount (of skill) he may attain”
So if they will never become successful, what’s the problem?

Bukhaari;The Prophet said: “Avoid the seven sins which doom a person to Hell” – among which he mentioned sihr (witchcraft).

Can a name do all that?  If so, then all these guys named Muhammad should be prophets....actually, I think many think they are.

The word sihr is sometimes used to refer to permissible things such as eloquence and the ability to express oneself in a clear and moving manner, which stirs people’s hearts, as in the words of the Prophet: “Some eloquent speech is as effective as magic.”
Aw…now that’s nice

Whatever the case, it is preferable to change this name, but you must avoid names which may have false meanings or which may cause confusion or lead to the person being accused. The Prophet used to change ugly names to good names.
But you guys are not prophets and this is not in the Quran.

Names carry meanings, as it is said, and everyone is influenced by his name. So we are required to choose good names that have meanings.
If you belong to a tribe then yes, names carry meanings.  But if you live in a civilized society then it’s the actions that carry meanings.

And Allah knows best
Allah is an Arabic word that means God.  God is the English word that means God.  So let me change the meaning and write;
God knows best…did that really change the meaning?

In Saudi Arabia they have a terrible time with witches.  One was arrested for making a man impotent.  I say, if she really was a witch she would made his part fall off.
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