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I am Charlie

Yes, it's the first book ever written on the Humor Of Islam...you'll die laughing.

                                                                The title is from an actual sharia law.
One haha too many and death.

 It's a terrible book, just awful. And that's the point.

 The religion that invented the No compulsion in religion, now has apostasy laws. How can I not make fun of that? The religion that invented the Freedom of speech, now has blasphemy laws. You'd have to be without humour not to see the humour that.

 And the stories/hadith? Talking trees, lamb chops that give warnings, a suicidal prophet, best friends who watch your wives pee, dates that prevent magic spells, and a band of thugs as your buds (friends).

There are over half a million of these stories/hadith, I've read them all. Funny stuff, and an interesting insight to the lives of 7the century desert arabs...and probably why, when God looked down, said...daaaayam, these are the worst of the worst and most in need of a message. 9.97

 Total bummer that they got the wrong message. I got the right one, because....

 ‪#‎Iamcharlie‬ to those who speak french #JesuisCharlie


Humour....you were born with it.

 The Quran does not allow you to act like idiots. It does not allow you to kill anyone for the dead. It does not allow you to force your FAKE religious beliefs onto anyone!

The Quran does not have a blasphemy law.
The Quran does not an apostasy law.
The Quran does not have a stonging law.
The Quran does not allow you to kill gays, witches, pagans, unbelievers or any other random people.
The Quran is all about New Rules. If you don't like the New Rules, convert to another religion.

Az Zaqqum

not going to be near enough fruit to feed all of you.....

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