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Never trust a man in a dress unless he is wearing matching shoes and lipstick!

This is the kind of sh*t that pisses me offf.

isis uses kids to kill people, muslim people.
isis beheads people and then shows the video's world wide.
alqaeda targets and kills un-armed artists and brags about it.
Sunni and shia have been slaughtering each other for 1400 years.

And the ONLY thing that brings them ALL together is their hate for Israel. Israel, a tiny, itty bitty bit of ground that all 3 of the god books says belongs to the Jews. Israel, that tiny, itty bitty bit of ground that has produced ...more good for all of man-kind than ALL the sunni and shia combined.
Like one more muslim country would make such a difference to sunni or shia?

 Pretending the lands that sunni and shia owned has always been their land, that they didn't steal the land they are on from some other people? Total hypocrisy! But that's ok cos sunni and shia won their lands by war and by money. Seems only the Jews are not allowed to do something like that! Blasphemy, I say!

I don't know why but the Jews, well they must be held to a higher standard. A much higher standard than ALL 57 muslim countries combined. They must be better in every way...and they are. They won the 6 day war. They provide a better life for its citizens than ANY of the 57 muslim countries. So why the hate? Didn't read the quran? But DID read the hadiths?...as the stone says...Hey, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.' That's from the prophet Bukahari...prophet of hadith...what a ridiculous story, even more ridiculous that both sunni and shia, believe it!!

So now this shia mischief maker, in a dress, (and remember, never, ever trust a man in a dress unless he is wearing matching shoes and lipstick) issues a threat of missles on Israel.

This issue is not even any of their business. This sure blows any thoughts of trusting the leaders of iran - straight out the window. The quran says that the burden of others is not your burden, that it is a plan of god.
I say they are apostates and blasphemers for not following the word of the quran, instead--- and this is the kicker...This nut, and all the shia and sunni nuts have a hate on for the Jews follow biblical law!!

Fine, what is the sharia/biblical law for apostasy and blashemy? Death. They should know, they're experts on those subjects.

So while they are allowing the brutality of their own people on their own people, by their own people, all that seems to be ok with both sunni and shia nuts, Jews protecting themselves FROM those nut? They find that to be the worst thing that could ever happen to a sunni or a shia. Yep, instead of fighting isis and the other islamists, they see the Jews as their biggest issue.
Hate is a weak emotion, no logic.

Muslims who want peace...you're going to have to challenge that bad hadith.
There is a really good reason why the quran repeatedly warn you about breaking into sects!

 To my quran only friends, keep spreading the truth.

From the article;
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah threatened in an interview Thursday to retaliate against Israel for repeated strikes on Syria and said he has missiles that can hit the Jewish state.
Nasrallah told Al-Mayadeen television that his powerful Shiite movement has had Iranian Fateh-110 missiles that can hit the whole of Israel since 2006, adding that it is always ready to fight Israel.
A key ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Nasrallah, who has sent thousands of fighters into Syria to help defend the regime, said that Israeli strikes on Syria "target the whole of the resistance axis", which includes Hezbollah, Damascus and Tehran.

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