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Unleash the Jinn.

Moaz al-Kassasbeh, you are martyred in your death.

I call out!

Allow the dead to arise.

Unleash the fury of the Jinn.

Cursed is the seed of isis for 80 generations to come.   

Each will be greeted by the Tree of the hellfires.

Their screams will sound like the laughter of the insane.

Your days alive are numbered, your death will be eternal.

The power of dead, arise. The fury of the Jinn to join them.

To each of you, the horrors of life will meet you.
There is nowhere for you to hide.

You will die as you lived, as weak cowards, and you will re-live the pain you have caused others, for all eternity.

Anguish will be your name.

 Moaz al-Kassasbeh, you are martyred in your death.
You are now safe, the Angels surround you with calmness and peace.

 42;41 And indeed whosoever takes revenge after he has suffered wrong, for such there is no blame against them

But there will be help!

Az Zaqqum
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