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Saudi scholar proposes terror allowance

I posted this a few years ago

Saudi scholar proposes “terror allowance”By Staff Published Monday, December 20, 2010

A Saudi Muslim scholar has urged the Gulf Kingdom to introduce what he termed as terrorism allowance following a surge in threats against mosque preachers condemning terrorists, a Saudi newspaper reported on Monday.

The London-based Arabic language daily Alhayat quoted the unnamed scholar as saying he had received threats twice from unknown parties following his sermons at Friday open air prayers denouncing terrorism.

The paper said it talked to several scholars who said they had received threats because of their anti-terror sermons, requested by the government.

“Because of the efficient participation by the preachers in efforts to counter terrorism and combat the deviant groups, we propose that preachers are treated on par with other government sectors,” the preacher told the paper.

“We are asking for terror allowance because many of us have been subject to threats every time we touch on this sensitive issue.”
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