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Call them by name....call them Sunni

When you use the word islamists, most Muslims do not believe you are talking about them. They think you’re talking about other Muslims.
If they are Shia, they think you are talking about the Sunni. If they are Sunni, they think you are talking about the Shia.
Sufi know you are not talking about them.

Titles matter when you’re dealing with sects. Remember reading about the war in Ireland, where 2 sects were blowing each other up? They weren’t called Christians, they were labeled by their sects. Catholic and Protestant. USA President Grant did not say he would invade the Christian state of Utah, he called out the polygamy sect by name, Mormons.
Using the word islamists would be like calling all Christians Mormons or Catholics.
Jehovah Witness and the Amish would know you weren’t talking about them.

If every terror attack on the west was committed by Sunni, why use the word Muslim? Use the word Sunni.
All Muslims know what a Sunni is.
You never hear of Shia joining Sunni to blow themselves to bits. Never hear of Sufi joining with Sunni to blow up a café in France. So why group them together with the word islamists? Why not call it what it is, Sunni terrorism. They seem to have the largest number of serial killers, almost a never ending line.

Shia can’t stop Sunni suicide serial killers. Neither can Sufi. But shed the light on the right sect, Sunni sect, and you might get somewhere.

And if they belong to a sect, they are not Islamic.
The word Islam is Arabic for one who believes/submits to one God. And like the Jews, they are not to join any partners with God.
The religion of Sunni depend on the writings of a man called Bukhari, who never met Muhammad. On the advice of a fortuneteller, he wrote stories. He didn’t care if they were reliable or not, he just kept writing stories.

As Bukhari (buky) never married, it is my tasfir that he was gay, and left home to avoid the pressure of an arranged marriage. I don’t think he meant to be the new prophet, but that’s what he became. His writings of stories are far more well known than anything in the Quran.
Those who have read the Quran know it warns against following stories/hadith. If they are following the prophet buky and his stories, how can they be called Islamic? How can they be called Muslim? They are submitting to a dead gay guy.
I’ve heard all the excuses as to why Muslims follow buky, but they either lie or they don’t know what the Quran says.

One excuse that I hear often is; but without a story/hadith, how do we know how to pray? So I ask…what is prayer? Prayer is thanking God. And if the Quran says that even the birds know how to say thank you to God, why do you need instruction to say thank you? Are you not as smart as a bird?
That’s what prayer is, to thank God for what you have, and to pray for the strength to go through an ordeal. How hard is that?

The Quran doesn’t say anything about the odd body positions that you see. The Quran is very cool on prayer. You can pray sitting, standing, prostrating or lying down. And there are only 3 prayers, you can do a search on my blog to learn more about that.
The next excuse for saying the Quran is not complete is when it comes to charity/zakat. How much do you pay? Quran is clear, pay what you can because- God will know if you’re being cheap. Don’t be cheap.

The next excuse comes from the Quran where it says Muhammad is a perfect example. That’s because he followed what Gabriel told him, he didn’t follow stories/hadith.
So why call them islamists? Why call them submitters/believers of one God when even they say the stories/Hadith is equally important?
Not one Sunni will tell you that the Quran is complete…even though the Quran says it is complete, over and over, and over. The Quran is the most redundant book I’ve ever read. If it’s important it is repeated. But a Sunni will deny that, they have to have a story/Hadith. Why?
Because…what the Quran took away, the stories/Hadith gave back.

Islam is one religion, with one book of New Rules.

The prophet buky is not mentioned in the Quran, Aiesha isn’t mentioned, Fatima isn’t mentioned, the words Sunni or Shia are not mentioned in the Quran. Do you know why? Because they were not important. You know what is important? Not joining partners with God. That’s called shirk. So don’t be a shirk.

Call them Sunni. A sect that follows stories/Hadith. When the Quran says to bring a sura like it, will they bring a story/Hadith…probably a silly story of a goat eating an ayat, or that Muhammad was a suicidal nut case. They end up in the hellfire.

 I’ve read all the stories/Hadith, over  half a million stories/Hadith. Didn’t find even one that has the wisdom, tolerance, laws or behavior that matches the Quran, not one.

Isis is Sunni, Alqaeda is Sunni. Every terror attack in the west has been committed by Sunni. They all follow the stories/Hadith.
They don’t follow the Quran, so don’t call them Muslim, do not call them Islamic.
Call them by the name of their illegal sect, call them Sunni.
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