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Muhammad was not a stud

Yesterday, I was on facebook and saw a debate page post on my news feed.

A Christian and a Muslim were arguing about Muhammad having sex with a 9 year old. 


Both insisted it happened. 

So I wrote;
But there is a verse in the quran that directly asks Muhammad...'dude, we gave you all these wives, why aren't you getting it in?'

Then I hit the 'leave group' button cos I knew what would happen next, I'd get the boot.

but the truth is.....
He never got it in.....not in any of the half a million hadith/stories/sunnah

How closely do you really want to follow/imitate a prophet?


Some of you will know the aya I speak of, for those of you who do not, and want to challenge me, come to my facebook page...and drop the bad hadith.


Still, the better entertainment...

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