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If you have a Labia don't go to Saudi Arabia...


The wife who tried to dupe the judge
By Staff Published Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Saudi wife who got fed up with her husband and wanted to get divorced from him simply picked his mobile phone without his knowledge, typed the words “you are divorced” and texted them to her phone.

She then went straight to court to get an official endorsement of the divorce, producing the text as evidence that her husband has divorced her.

But the judge in the western port of Jeddah appeared clever enough to suspect the woman when the thought why the husband should send a divorce to his wife by mobile when he can simply throw the words in her face.

So he summoned the husband and asked him if he had texted the divorce words to his wife’s mobile after showing him the message on her phone.

“The husband denied sending such a message so the judge was convinced that the woman used her husband’s phone to send that text,” the Saudi online Arabic language daily Kabar reported on Tuesday.

“The judge then refused to approve her request for a divorce after he was told by the husband that the couple was still living together…he ordered the woman to return home and did not sentence her in a bid to maintain family stability.”

Kabar described the judge as a “clever person who succeeded in outwitting the woman and avoided taking a hasty verdict.”

Under Islam, a man can divorce his wife by just saying the words “you are divorced.” A wife is forbidden to do so.

This is because the scholars say women are too emotional...which is how Allah made them.  So the question I have is; Why give women so many emotions if they're not allowed to act on them?  Men have emotions, too.  And, they are allowed to act on their emotions, which is why divorce is so easy for the males. Seems to me the males are more emotional than the women.  Maybe it would help if they put on pants instead of dress.

But if I were that husband, I don't think I'd be eating her cooking.  She might throw in one of those talking, poisoned lamb chops.
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